Wild West: Event Ending!

The Wild West craze is going to be over soon. The last hours of the event, right before the Takedown update are upon us. What’s up now in the game? Find out right after the jump.

Town plaza can’t be levelled up anymore and all jobs there are not accessible.

Town Plaza Ended

General store menu is gone (unless accessed from the Story Finales screen, if a Finale item is still unlockable.

Bar EndedFinale Ended

All items except Frontier Fence, Frontier Gate and Cacti are gone from menu.

Store Ended

Prize indicators over level bar and Friend Towns is gone.

Event Bar EndedFTScreen EndedFT Ended

Can still earn crafting materials from bandits, send prospectors to friend towns and tap bandits in friend towns.

Prizes can’t be obtained from getting tnt anymore only donuts.

Prizes Ended

What’s next? Find out together soon on our pages! Happy tapping!


25 thoughts on “Wild West: Event Ending!

  1. Unrelated fun fact. $110Million, the Xp collider and a bonus of around 287% yields about 620 levels and as many donuts. 🙂

    Still don’t have Maggie on the mountain, but I’m coming to the end of my play time.


  2. When I try to do today’s daily challenge, rile up people, there is no way to do so because the old west chapter is over and so there is no way to rile people up. So how do I do this daily challenge?


    1. Just click the X in the corner of the daily challenge box you want to cancel and it will give you a new challenge


  3. What was the final prize ? Where did it go ? What was the coming soon question mark ? I’m confused ?


    1. Last daily General Store prize was yesterday, 3 donuts for ten trades.
      There was a hint “comming soon: something hot” well, “soon” isnt here yet, so we all just have to wait and see.


  4. Sonia Williams 05/31/2016 — 10:25

    I have all the prizes, been tapping bandits like crazy for the last three days, and I have not received one single donut. The general store disappeared just when I was to get my three donuts. I still have bandits running around and when I tap them no indication of prizes.🤔🤔


  5. Boy those guys at EA are morons. So they take the option to buy rocks etc. away just as I’m about to spend big. Luckily I had bought a few on the way, so I’m not too upset, but I was keen to buy some more.

    Now my daily task is to “Sell overpriced supplies at the Town Plaza” … oh yeah, you can’t because they shut that down a day early too.

    Have I enjoyed this event? Sort of, but I’m sick and tired of bugs bugs and more bugs … and this event had plenty (at least I seemed to have most of them). And all this currency with nothing to do with it. Really the graphics etc. are nice, but the event itself has been boring and buggy. Wasn’t happy with it TBH.

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    1. Are the daily tasks the same for everyone? I got the ‘Promote Lawlessness’ one yesterday, which means I had 24hrs to do it (I didn’t, I forgot 😥 )


      1. Daily Tasks are randomly assigned so every account is different. You can always X out a challenge you do not want to do


  6. Does anyone know when the take down update will hit the app stores?


    1. EA might know. As them.


  7. So what was the last secret prize coming soon?


    1. Its unknown for sure but from the files it seems to be a minievent on “the mysterious voyage of homer”


      1. Does it include Hot Chili Peppers? Will the fox be on the run? News at eleven…


    2. No idea ? Is it gone ? Coming back ? Am i missing something ?


  8. This really burned me. I was waiting to buy rocks, barrels, etc., with my materials. This is the first event that has ended “on time” in as long as I can remember. It happened mid day. Needless to say, I’m frustrated to have missed out on extra decorations. Thanks for the roll-up at least!


    1. I hope you had a barrel of fun 🍺 🍺 🍺

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    2. For the last couple the prize tracks and store items have all disappeared at the advertised time.


  9. I was hoping it would run on a bit like other events am puzzled as to why we can still tap bandits and earn coins etc when you cant use them.

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    1. Would would go cold turkey. So EA in his almighty goodness still send us bandits to tap.


  10. So now that there won’t be any more levels released does that mean events will be happening closer together?


    1. yes just like it has been lately


    2. From what I saw the spacing seems to be about the same as before, about 22 days between events. I’m not sure how long until this next event.


    3. I just hope events keep coming and that they are not ending the game completely.


  11. I enjoy the fun Tap Out


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