Wild West Takedown Kwik-Tap Guide: Heavy, Heavy Henchman, Old Digger and The Dirtiest Roads in Springfield

Three new quest have popped out in this new update, two for the new premium NPCs, one coming from the Wild West event, if you haven’t played it! Join us right after the jump for the kwik-tap guide of the Wild West Takedown update!

As with most of the recent events where NPCs were running around our towns, Brutus and the Prospector has been added to the game after the takedown update.

Heavy, Heavy Henchman

Task: Tap Brutus

Old Digger

Task: Tap Prospector

The quest to unlock Dirt and Dirt Road has been changed a bit, removing the Town Plaza required job, and changing the 1st dialogue of Cletus, to fit in all towns, without need for them to have started the Wild West event. This quest requires Slack-Jawed Yokel Pt. 2 (to Plant Tomacco at the newly built Cletus’s Farm) to be completed.

The Dirtiest Roads in Springfield

Cletus starts

Place Dirt

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Wild West Takedown Kwik-Tap Guide: Heavy, Heavy Henchman, Old Digger and The Dirtiest Roads in Springfield

  1. I got Brutus and the prospector, but not the dirty road quest. Was that the case for everyone?


    1. that was part of the event quests if you did that already it won’t trigger again


  2. Joshua West 06/01/2016 — 17:02

    When do you think the update will come out?


    1. was supposed to come out last night – never heard from ea again..


      1. Tapatapatapa 06/01/2016 — 23:47

        I heard 1st June but it’s now 2nd June in this part of the world.
        Things usually happen for me at midnight, 8am or 4pm and as it’s 15 minutes to 8am I’m a wishin’ and a hopin’
        Like my Dad used to say “it’ll get here when it gets here”…how droll.


  3. Adrian Joyner 06/01/2016 — 17:01

    Why can’t I up date my game…any ideas..can’t download new content after “wild west”


    1. there’s no new content after updating the app from the store and getting the 2 npcs


  4. Tapatapatapa 06/01/2016 — 10:26

    I’ve still got the Duff Gardens quest in my task book…to send people to Duff Gardens, even after taking down the Wild West event…oh well = free cash!


    1. Why would it be removed? Its part of level 60 not the ww event


      1. Tapatapatapa 06/01/2016 — 12:37

        Yes but I’ve done it like 200 times and level 60 is the last level so does it go on forever? I thought a bug might have been fixed with the event take down.


    2. Duff gardens has nothing to do with the wild west event.


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