Homer’s Chiliad Kwik-Tap Guide: Can’t Stand the Heat, It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity and Insane in the Brain Flame

The hottest event of the year is here: the Chili cook-off! Homer and Wiggum will fight for the supremacy in this competition. What’ll happen? Find out right after the jump in the Kwik-Tap Guide for the main questline of the Homer’s Chiliad event!

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Item Overview: Donut Day Items!

Happy Donut Day fellow tappers! This year EA finally decided to do something to celebrate this day, so who better then Gil to tempt us into wasting our donuts?

Gil is back to tempt us with some donut themed items and I know you guys are probably fretting over what items to get, if it’s a good offer and what the item does? Well that is what I am here for … to give you enough infomation for you to decide whether to spend your sprinkles! Join me after the jump to find out more…

ico_stor_donutdaySo I am going to give you a little fact file on each item, some notes on what it does and my opinion on it! Let’s start:

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Happy Donut Day! Today donuts will rain! Litterally!

Happy Donut Day! We anticipated yesterday about keeping your wallets closed upon the release of the Homer’s Chiliad event. The reason being today Gil is back with a small offer for your Donuts purchases. Join us right after the jump for more info!

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