Item Overview: Donut Day Items!

Happy Donut Day fellow tappers! This year EA finally decided to do something to celebrate this day, so who better then Gil to tempt us into wasting our donuts?

Gil is back to tempt us with some donut themed items and I know you guys are probably fretting over what items to get, if it’s a good offer and what the item does? Well that is what I am here for … to give you enough infomation for you to decide whether to spend your sprinkles! Join me after the jump to find out more…

ico_stor_donutdaySo I am going to give you a little fact file on each item, some notes on what it does and my opinion on it! Let’s start:

Donut Store


Price: 100 donuts

Dimensions: 3 × 6

Payout: $200, 22xp per 8hr

Tasks unlocked: Make Marge shop for donuts 4hrs

Questline: YES – make Marge shop for donuts 4hrs

Extra notes: It does not make it rain. When in use the door opens … I know … Exciting (sarcasm!)


My Opinion: I think that 100 donuts is expensive for a building. It isn’t that big and it doesn’t offer much apart for design. For premium and freemium players I don’t reccomend getting this unless you have looked at other offers, don’t want any other offers or combos and really want it.

Donut Truck

Donut Truck

Price: 40 donuts

Dimensions: 4 × 3

XP and money bonus: 2%

Animation: The lights flash!

Extra notes: Does not make it rain when tapped it only flashes lights


My Opinion: 40 donuts is a bit pricey for a decoration but I love the design and it looks great next to lard lad or the donut store if you got it and 2% bonus for 40 donuts is good! However unless you LOVE this item then I don’t recommend buying it.

Donut Boat


Price: 225 donuts!!!

Dimensions: 10 × 5

Obviously this can only be placed in the sea (both Squidport and !

XP and money bonus: 5%

Extra notes: When tapped pink smoke comes out of the tower and it rains doughnuts for 7/8 seconds like you saw when you got 15 FREE donuts!



My Opinion: Stay far away! I know it may seem exciting or cool but after a while the novelty wears off and 225 is a ridiculaous price for a decoration that doesn’t offer the best bonus for the price! However if you are premium, have got every combo and item that you want and have enough donuts then it is a fun item to add to your game! Otherwise … leave it!

This was a free item but I thought I would give you the stats since it’s part of the set:

Donut Tray


Price: FREE

Extra Notes: Comes with a 1 part questline:

Make Homer Pry Stale Donuts – 1hr and Earns $70 17XP

Which is a great permanent animated task unlocked after completion, with Homer trying to eat the donuts stuck on it!

Donut Deals


I am not going to do overviews on these items because you just pay money, get a certain amount of donuts and depending on how many donuts you buy you either get 1 or 2 golden scratch-R!

NOTE: Scratch-Rs only come with the lower three amount of donuts!

Whether you get these are up to whether you have the money, need donuts and want to gamble your real-life money to get some extra sprinklies

So that’s the overviews for all the items gained from the Gil Deal! Did you get anything? Did the free tray, 15 donuts and doughnut rain teaser woo you over? Having a Donut fest today? Comment below and Happy Tapping …


9 thoughts on “Item Overview: Donut Day Items!

  1. Thank you! I was very heavily considering purchasing the store and would have if it was larger. It’s good to know that it’s so small.


  2. The dimensions of the Donut Boat are actually 10 x 5 not 9 x 5. It’s hard to see as the graphic overlaps the green area when placing. But I zoomed in and checked. It’s 10 x 5. Just letting you know.


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