Homer’s Chiliad Walkthrough: Can’t Stand the Heat, It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity and Insane in the Brain Flame

The hottest event of the year is here: the Chili cook-off! Homer and Wiggum will fight for the supremacy in this competition. What’ll happen? Find out right after the jump in the Walkthrough for the main questline of the Homer’s Chiliad event!

After reaching Level 20 the event will start. The chili cook-off starts with Wiggum sending Homer an invitation via Bart.

Can’t Stand the Heat Pt. 1

Auto start

Bart: Hey, Homer. Chief Wiggum just pulled me into the station.
Homer: What did you do this time? Cherry bomb a toilet? Deface a statue? Drink a soda larger than sixty-four ounces?
Bart: Yes, yes, and no that was you. But this time he was bringing me in to give you a message.
Bart: Wiggum says you better steer clear of the Chili Competition this year if you don’t want to embarrass yourself again.
Homer: Ha! Good luck embarrassing a guy who almost won the Darwin Award three times.
Homer: My greatest regret is that my heart started beating again.
Homer: For this year’s Chili Competition, I’m going to train like I’ve never trained before!

Task: Make Homer Drink Beer With Intensity
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Can’t Stand the Heat Pt. 2

Auto starts

Space Coyote: Hoomer… Hommmer…
Space Coyote: HOMER!
Homer: What? Oh, hi peyote coyote. I thought I only saw you when I ate insanity peppers.
Space Coyote: Oh, once I’m in your system, I never leave… like a spiritual herpes. You need to focus on your quest to achieve inner tranquility.
Homer: Great. Because nothing would make me more tranquil than beating the crap out of that loudmouth Wiggum!
Homer: But if I’m going to do this, I need more help than a figment of my imagination.
Space Coyote: We don’t use that term anymore. We prefer “reality challenged.”

Task: Make Homer Recruit an Elite Chili Team
Time: 6s
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Homer: Gentlemen, I’ve brought each of you here for your specialized chili-making skills.
Roscoe: I know how to handle hot stuff, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten chili – just wrestled in it.
Moe: The only chili I know to make is pickled. And it’s eggs.
Cletus: I ain’t made chili since the police took away my cooking bathtub.
Lenny: I make chili by opening a can and reheating it with my car’s radiator.
Carl: My chili is actually more of a deconstruction of the concept of chili. It’s an opened can.
Apu: And I call my chili hot dog surprise. The surprise is that it contains no hot dogs.
Homer: Wow, I was only expecting THREE jokes about how bad you guys were. What a nice surprise!
System Message: Never set out on a quest for knowledge without your Spirit Guide! The Pro-Shop and Space Coyote are now available in the store.
Homer's ChiliadSpace Coyote Message

The Space Coyote can now be bought with its mountain, the Pro-Shop, for donuts, but the event starts. Will Homer and the others prevail over Wiggum?

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Pt. 1

Auto starts

Apu: The first step to creating fine cuisine is quality ingredients. So I’d advise against shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart.
Homer: Ingredients? BAH! The only thing that matters is heat! That’s why we’re using Guatemalan Insanity Peppers!
Lenny: But those peppers have been outlawed for years! Two!
Carl: Laws are like roller coasters — full of loopholes! We just have to make an Insanity Pepper puree!
Homer: I love it!

Task: Make Homer Look Up the Word “Puree”
Time: 3h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Collect Insanity Peppers [x20]
Pt. 1insanitycauldron_menuInsanity Cauldron Message

System Message: Good chili takes time. Keep protecting your recipe to unlock the full potential of the Insanity Cauldron.
Roscoe: Hot stuff coming through! This is meant for molten metal, but I guess you could use it for chili.
System Message: Turn up the heat and earn some extra Insanity Peppers with Roscoe and the Ajax Steel Mill – available now in the store!

Plant your corn before starting this part to have it autocompleted when you recieve the prize “Insanity Peppers” crop! Also Witch Marge can be used to cut the lenght of the crop growth.

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: This chili isn’t hot enough! Steam came out of my nose… but my ears stayed steamless!
Cletus: If you want more heat, we’s gonna hafta bioengineer us some better seeds.
Cletus: I should know — I’m a direct descendant of Mendel himself. On both sides!

Task: Make Cletus Use His Knowledge of Sibling-Mating Genetics
Time: 3h
Location: Cletus’s Farm
Task: Collect Insanity Peppers [x40]
Pt. 2indicator_farmpepper

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Pt. 3

Auto starts

Homer: These new Insanity Peppers are tiny. Is there any way to make them bigger?
Moe: Well, I ain’t no fancy pants farmer. Seriously, where do they get those fancy pants with built-in denim bibs?
Moe: But I guess with the right hydroponic treatment we can grow bigger, fuller plants.
Homer: I didn’t realize you knew so much about hydroponics.
Moe: I’ve been practicing. But if anyone asks, it’s for my glaucoma. And to make hacky sack more bearable.

Task: Make Homer Look Up “Glaucoma” and “Hacky Sack”
Time: 3h
Location: Cletus’s Farm
Task: Collect Insanity Peppers [x60]
Pt. 3alittlebitoflenny_menu

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Pt. 4

Auto starts

Homer: Steam came out of all my orifices, and I mean all of them, but I didn’t make any train sounds. Still not hot enough!
Moe: We could try distilling the stuff, make some kind of Insanity Pepper extract?
Cletus: I gots a still that would do the trick, but it’s occupied with a half-made batch of ‘shine.
Homer: Not a problem anymore.

Task: Collect Insanity Peppers [x70]
Pt. 4backwaterbrewery_menu

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Pt. 5

Auto starts

Homer: Steam – check! Train sound – check! But where are the hallucinations?
Homer: Insanity Peppers, please! These are Mildly Delusional Peppers at best.
Carl: We could use radioactivity to rapidly mutate them, but that would be unforgivably reckless.
Homer: You had me at reckless! Which was the end of the sentence, so I’m glad I listened all the way through.
Homer: Nuclear power – the gift that keeps on giving, for thousands of half-lives.

Task: Make Mr. Burns Spy on the Security Monitors
Time: 3h
Location: Control Building
Task: Collect Insanity Peppers [x90]
Pt. 5hellfirepeppercactus_menu

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Pt. 6

Auto starts

Moe: I dunno about this, Homer. This isn’t just ignoring some silly fire code, like hanging exit signs over brick walls. This chili might actually hurt someone.
Homer: Don’t worry, Moe. You only lose all your senses momentarily. They come back. Except for smell. And who really needs smell?
Wiggum: Simpson, I heard you ignored my warning. How about we place a wager on whose chili is better?
Lisa: Wager? We literally just had a casino update.
Wiggum: Whaddya say, Homer? My chili tent against your precious tasting spoon.
Homer: You’re on! Although I dropped that spoon in the garbage disposal, so it’s more of a spork now.

Task: Make Wiggum Ignore Five Burglar Alarms Making His Chili
Time: 3h
Location: Police Station
Task: Collect Insanity Peppers [x100]
Pt. 6kingchilitent_menu

Wiggum: Okay Homer, give my chili a try.
Homer: *slurp* This is perfect… if today was Opposite Day! Which it isn’t!
Homer: Although me saying it isn’t is exactly what I would say if it was Opposite Day.
Wiggum: Really? No reaction? My chili took down a Kodiak bear!
Homer: I’ve got twice as much fat and three times the body hair of a Kodiak. Now it’s your turn, Wiggum!
Wiggum: *slurp* Ahhh! My mouth! My face! My insides are shutting down faster than an arts program during a budget crisis!
Lisa: Wow, I think Wiggum’s last words might’ve been his best.
Wiggum: Somebody call my mommy!
Lisa: I stand corrected.
System Message: Enjoy mind-melting peppers every day! You’ve unlocked Homer’s “Eat Insanity Peppers” animated job.
Eat Insanity Pepper Job MessageHomer's Chiliad End

Having won, Homer is ready to become insane on a new minigame, that till June 22nd will also earn you Pharmaceuticals for Springfield Heights!

Insane in the Brain Flame

Auto starts

Insanity Mode Pharmaceuticals Message
System Message: The Insanity Cauldron is rewarding Pharmaceuticals for a limited time!
Kent Brockman: Mister Simpson, Channel 6 would like you to taste test your award-winning chili on live TV.
Homer: You think my chili is newsworthy?
Kent Brockman: I was supposed to do an interview with a serial killer who turns baby skulls into rattles that he then sells back to babies.
Kent Brockman: But he decided to go on Serial Kickline, a show where Rockettes teach mass murderers how to dance in unison.
Kent Brockman: So yeah, sure, you’re newsworthy.
Homer: Woo hoo! Second choice!

Task: Try Insanity Mode
proshop_pyramid_menuMinigame Istructions
System Message: You’ve received a surprise bonus reward! Keep playing Insanity Mode to see what else you might find.
Minigame Reward MessageMinigame Win

The minigame is easy. You’ll have 30 seconds to tap as many Turtoises as you can. The Pro-Shop will transform in the Spirit mountain too.


The more you collect, the higher the reward you’ll get, even if you stop the game. If you reach the end of the 30 seconds, without interrupting the game, you can also get one of this items from past events: Pumpkin Patch, Lightup Elder God, Hieroglyph Wall or Cane Field.

Random Number Generated REWARD
 0 Lightup Elder God
 1-4 Cane Field
5-11 Pumpkin Patch
 12-21 Hieroglyph Wall
 22-100 Nothing

Till June 22nd you’ll get sidebar_pharmaceuticalPharmaceuticals and XP. Afterwards it’ll be cash instead of Pharmaceuticals. The ammount depends on how many turtoise you tapped in the time limit.

Join us next time for any news on this event, happy tapping!


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