Donut Day 2016 Walkthrough: Heavy Carb Rain, Gil Deal and Donut Items

Donuts are raining from the sky, ready to get into your pockets to be spent, on the new Donuts purchase’s items or other premium content you like from the event! Find out right after the jump in the Walktrough for the questline of the Donut Day event!

It’s raining Donuts in Springfield and a new indicator_donutdayGil Deal has appeared!

Heavy Carb Rain

Auto starts

15 Free Donuts Donut Day
System Message: In honor of National Donut Day, we’ve decided to make it rain… donuts! Open your mouth and stay off the roads!
Marge: Looks like it might rain. I hope I don’t have to change my outdoor laundry folding session to an indoor one! I’d have to change out the baskets and everything.
Lisa: Considering it’s never rained once in this town, I’d say you’re safe.
Herman: That’s not a cloud, that’s a poofy zeppelin. The Kaiser’s returned! And he wants his rolls back!
Reward: 15 Donuts

Gil Deal

Auto starts

Gil: Finally an offer that’s guaranteed to be a winner! Guess who has a brand new deal on donuts!
Homer: It just rained donuts. We’ve got enough to last us a lifetime.
Gil: But, didn’t you just end up with fifteen or so?
Homer: I didn’t say it had to be a human lifetime.
Gil: What if I threw in a few Golden Scratch-R’s to sweeten the deal?
Homer: Golden Scratch-R’s? Those give you donuts! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Donut Day Gil Dea

Offer Accepted

Gil: Aw, thanks. Gil won’t forget your generosity.
Gil: At least as long as I remember to take my pills. Wait, what pills?
Donut Tray Offer Acceptedtrayofdonuts
System Message: Thanks for your purchase! Have a free Donut Tray decoration for your town!
Gil: With all these extra donuts flying around, why not buy something showy? Nothing says “extravagant wealth” like a concrete replica of your sugary riches!

Offer declined

Gil: Gil’s too late to the party again? This is just like the time I created a dysfunctional animated family comedy right before FOX greenlit the Simpsons.
Gil: Fortunately I’ve got a great new idea — where people pay 40 cents a text to vote on talentless singers!
Donut Traytrayofdonuts
System Message: Even though you’re not in the market for useful donuts, you might as well have this free Donut Tray decoration for your town.
Gil: With all these extra donuts flying around, why not buy something showy? Nothing says “extravagant wealth” like a concrete replica of your sugary riches!

Not just donuts purchases, but directly from the purchase menu, you can now get those items, with one you get for free!

Tray of Donuts

Auto starts

Homer: Oooh, abandoned donuts! And this time they’re covered in sprinkles and not animal droppings.

Task: Make Homer Pry Stale Donuts
Time: 1h
Location: Donut Tray
Permanent job

Donut Truck
Donut Truck

Auto starts

Lisa: Dad, look out for that truck!
Homer: Lisa, it’s a donut truck – I want to get hit!
Homer: Then I can sue the parent company and get donuts in the settlement!

Donut Store

Auto starts

Marge: Finally, I found a way to get Homer to go shopping with me. Although I wish he would stop eating the mannequins.

Task: Make Marge Shop for Donuts
Time: 4h
Location: Donut Store
Permanent job

Donut Boat

Auto starts

Sea Captain: Yar! A hold full of sweet donuts!
Sea Captain: Let’s hope one of these is citrus flavored or else it’s a scurvy death for me.

Join us next time for any news on this event, happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “Donut Day 2016 Walkthrough: Heavy Carb Rain, Gil Deal and Donut Items

  1. What the easiest way to get more xp? Is it to buy the most expensive item (what is the most expensive item please) and keep re selling them? Or is there a better way thanks in advance X x


    1. Rat trap delivery truck item is the best $/xp/time consuption rate item to use. Buy a lot sell buy etc. To fill up with levels and then donuts. Be sure to have lots of money


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