MITS: S1 Ep3

Happy Mathematical Monday fellow tappers!

So last “episode” we looked at Maggie and Bart and their mathematical references in the episode “Bart the Genius”. But today we fast-forward 6 seasons to season 7 where we are going to look at Homer and his SMRTness!

Read on to find delve deeper into Homer and his mathematical references …


So season 7 was a gold mine for maths references but in this post we will explore the maths in the episode “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”! We aren’t going to look at the whole episode but we will explore … a … blackboard! Exciting?

Take a look at this …

This featured in "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" when Homer was inspired by Thomas Edison to create inventions!
This featured in “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” when Homer was inspired by Thomas Edison to create inventions!

At first glance everyone knows that this has something to do with maths as it involves numbers, equations and symbols! But do you know what they mean? If you do then a shoutout goes out to you for being mathematical geniuses but if you don’t … don’t fret it as in this post I will walkthrough step by step of what every scribble means!

So let’s look at the first line:


It is a very complicated line that I won’t bore you with details but basically the equation predicts the Higgs Boson – an elementary particle – which is a calculation finally completed 14 years after Homer wrote this. If you were to play around with google to look up some of the symbols and their values and then string it all into a calculator you would get 775 giga-electron volts which is what Homer predicts to be the mass of the Higgs Boson.

In 2012 they actually worked out that the answer was 125 giga-electron volts but the guess is not that bad Homer!

Now for the most “exciting” line: the second line …


If you knew about detailed and historical mathematics then you would realise that Homer has done … the impossible and disproved a mathematical theory! This mathematical theory is Fermat’s last theorem which is a simple statement with an extremely difficult proof! So here is what Fermat did:

He took the well-known equation and he explored to find whole numbers (integers) that fit in the equation. Examples …

  • 3,4,5
  • 5,12,13
  • 9,40,41

So he increased the number that you were “powering it” to so he played around with


and tried to find whole numbers to fit into these equations but he couldn’t find any! He then made the clear assumption that:

There are no whole number values for any infinite number of equations where the power is more than two

he then said that he had a proof! Exciting!!! He didn’t write it down and then … died! Cliffhanger! So this assumption baffled mathematicians globally and it became known as Fermat’s Last Theorem because it was the only one of his left unproven! Then somebody solved it but the proof required a whole book and very confusing maths so I won’t go into it!

But back to the Simpsons … in the equation Homer thinks he has disproved Fermat’s Last Theorem by stating that there were integers that fit into the theorem when the power is more than two!

Get your calculator and raise 3987 to the power of 12 and then add it to 4365 raised to the power of 12. Then “twelfth root” it – so the square root symbol but with a 12 instead of a 2 – and you get 4472. Or do you? More-accurate calculators will actually give the answer so that the equation reads that it equals 4472.0000000070576171875 to the power of 12 not the interger 4472! It’s close, but it doesn’t disprove the theorem! Just a joke to writers put in to watch people get confused.

The third equation …


Relates to the density of the universe. If Ω(to) is bigger than 1 then this implies that the universe will implode under it’s own weight – this is what Homer wrote before he rubbed it out and a greatly comically timed minor explosion happened! He then changes it to show that this is less then one which results in a universe that expands forever which will result in an eternal cosmic explosion which is then mirrored as a major explosion in the basement.

The fourth and final equation …


uses topology and I don’t want to confuse you with the many rules and infomation you will need to get this joke. You can research the answer but the answer is just too large to fit in this post. Sorry 😦

So now do you get the explosion in the basement? Did you find out more mathematical information? Are you going to read up on Fermat’s Last Theorem? Tell us in the comments as we are sure to read every single one. Happy Tapping …


3 thoughts on “MITS: S1 Ep3

  1. caioberaldo 06/09/2016 — 17:44

    Very nice! But I thought this was the reason for the explosions 🙂


  2. TheRealTiminator 06/07/2016 — 17:01

    Wow H.T!
    That’s some serious forensic mathematics you’ve done there, now we just need to develop an equation to determine the altitude at which that lot travelled perpendicular to my (& I suspect many other’s) cranium.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Whaaat? !!!


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