Homer’s Chiliad Premium Walkthrough: I Am the One Who Crocks

There’s a dark side in Ned Flanders. In another dimension, the Treehouse of Horror, he’s the Devil and some of it is leaking through. What’s going to happen? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough for the Devil Flanders questline of the Homer’s Chiliad event!

Devil Flanders is back, this time associated with Firehouse Neds’ Five Alarm Chili and some inner conflict!

I Am the One Who Crocks Pt. 1

Ned Starts

Ned: Chili seems to bring out the worst in people. That’s why Jesus only turned water into grape juice, according to my Hays Morality Code Bible.
Devil Flanders: When it comes to heat, these chili-chumps don’t know a jalapeno from a hallelujah!
Devil Flanders: We should show them the error of their ways. Make a chili so spicy that they’ll get baptized just for the water.
Ned: Oh, I don’t think so. Spicy foods are a highway to sins like pride, envy, and sin listing. Oh no!

Task: Make Devil Flanders Add to Homer’s Chili
Time: 3h
Location: Simpson House

I Am the One Who Crocks Pt. 2

Ned starts

Ned: I’m so tired. It feels like I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Not that I would ever wink – that’s a Jezebel’s blink.
Ned: Where did all these cooking supplies come from? Was I sleepwalking? Did I even make sure to sleep-stretch and sleep-hydrate?
Devil Flanders: Let’s just say you were asleep at the wheel, so I took over. And I didn’t use my turn signals!
Ned: Now, Neddy, don’t get yourself in a tiz-tiddilly-izzy over nothing. The Devil doesn’t live in your head.
Ned: He lives in San Francisco.

Task: Make Devil Flanders Conjure Up Hellfire Peppers
Time: 3h
Location: Flanders House

I Am the One Who Crocks Pt. 3

Ned starts

Ned: Another restless night and more spicy evidence! And now I’m quoting Jimmy Buffett songs!
Ned: I’m worried the Devil might be corrupting my evening activities. Last night, I watched three hours of the Ken Burns jazz documentary – that’s almost a third of it!
Ned: I’d better push up the weekly exorcism!

Task: Make Ned Go For an Exorcism
Time: 3h
Location: First Church of Springfield

I Am the One Who Crocks Pt. 4

Rev. Lovejoy starts

Rev. Lovejoy: Ned, I can assure you these “visions” you’ve been having aren’t biblical in nature. And I should know, I’ve read almost all of that book.
Rev. Lovejoy: Isn’t your neighbor Homer experimenting with hallucination-inducing Insanity Peppers?
Ned: You mean Homer might have given me a hallucinogenic substance? I need to make a citizen’s arrest!
Rev. Lovejoy: Now, Ned, Homer might be an idiot but the Bible says “love thy neighbor as your” something. I haven’t gotten to the end of that one yet – don’t spoil it for me.
Ned: I’m not citizen’s arresting Homer — I’m arresting me!

Task: Make Ned Spend the Day in Jail
Time: 8h
Location: Springfield Penitentiary

Join us next time for any news on this event, happy tapping!


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