The Superheroes event SplashScreen and Description has been revealed by mistake by EA!

It happened for the Easter 2014 event, it happened again. Amazon and EA’s communication went wrong! Two hours ago an update hit on Kindle that by mistake released the Superheroes store update for them. Join us right after the jump for all the infos!

Users at the EA forum, reported of the update, and EA already removed it, and it was an obvious mistake by Amazon, due to the Homer’s Chiliad event still going and the fact that no files were ready on server.

The game has also disappeared from Amazon store at the moment to correct the mistake!

But users were quick to grab it and discovered the new Splash screen and App Icon of the event:


Looks like no new characters in the Splash screen, but the description says otherwise.

The characters shown are: a kid version of Radioactive Man, that looks like Radioactive Bart (from the comic The Secret Life of Bart Simpson), Fallout Boy, Clownface (Krusty), Bartman, Pie Man (Homer) and superhero Sky Finger!


The description indicates new stuff and a new evil, uniting both villains and superheroes and a new battle system!

Heroes return to Springfield to fight evil (while gyros return to Springfield to fight a lack of tzatziki sauce). But when a plot is revealed that threatens the entire town, heroes and villains are forced to team up to save it!
Join iconic Simpsons characters and their alter-egos as they battle against a greater evil. With new characters, buildings, decorations, and more… including a new battle system. Can you unite villains and heroes to save the town!?

What awaits us in this new and exciting event? Let’s find out together once the Chiliad event ends on June 15th. If Gary remembers when to publish it this time! Happy tapping!


6 thoughts on “The Superheroes event SplashScreen and Description has been revealed by mistake by EA!

  1. I’m glad, that I have spent donuts to get all the premium superheroes and I have 220 bonuts left from my leveling up to level 939 (and scores of bonus levels)


  2. All I hope is that the battle system isn’t like the Battle System during the Tap Ball/Soccer Cup event. That battle system, while it seemed cool at first, quickly turned fairly predictable.


    1. i think they meant it’s a new way than the one from SH 2015


      1. I hope so, I referred to the Tap Ball event since that was the last event that has a battle system set up for it…the battle system for the SH 2015 was much better than the one for the Tap Ball event.


        1. I really loved the tapball battle system Each to his/her own.


  3. Tapatapatapa 06/08/2016 — 23:02

    The first superhero looks like Bart in Radioactive Man outfit.


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