What have you done with … Chilliad Items?

The fiercest competition known to man hit last week in the form of a fun mini-event! Which means new items to add to Springfield! We have received characters, buildings and decorations to add to a diversity of chili scenes around Springfield! Read on to find out more …


In this mini-event I think that there are three scenes you can set-up with the items we have received! Here is a list of possible scenes based around the Voyage of Homer episode:

– Chili Cook Off – This is the place where you can set up the stalls and add the insanity cauldron and maybe some benches (you could even add the T-Shirt Stall from Whacking Day) to create the Chili Cook Off scene!

– Hallucination Desert – This is the dream land that Homer visited and met the Space Coyote! It is a desert so I would add some of the Chili Cacti, cactus rocks and some dirt from the Wild West (recycling unused items 🙂 )

– Back to reality – This is the place that Homer woke up at! Include items like the pro-shop and if you received the golf courses then they would make a great addition to add along side it.

So … Either send up an email (to tstotopix@gmail.com) with a screenshot and username or comment below with an embedded screenshot of what you have done with your Chiliad items

At the moment I have done nothing with my items but when I have finished creating my area then I will update this post with some screenshots!

Please only give us 1 or 2 screenshots and then our favourite screenshots will be displayed in a future post.

So get designing and don’t forget to email or comment before midnight (BST) 28th June so that we can display our favourites before the event end! Happy Tapping …


One thought on “What have you done with … Chilliad Items?

  1. I need more land before I can do it. I don’t want to change anything cause I like how my town looks.


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