New Teaser for Superheroes 2016!

A new teaser has just been released by EA for the Superheroes 2016 event! Can’t wait for next week (possibly) for the event to truly start! Are you excited?
Superheroes never die, they just wait til their reboot. Coming soon to an app store near you: the Superhero sequel you didn’t know you wanted but will still wait through the credits to see!


7 thoughts on “New Teaser for Superheroes 2016!

  1. captaincritical 06/12/2016 — 14:24

    I cant wait for this event but I really want everyman homer


  2. I’ve sent all my super heroes to a trainingcamp. They are getting fat and lazy.


  3. Mabby spider pig will come back on a gill deal!
    I couldn’t afford him the first time


    1. Imagine the heroes and villains ally against the epa in a combined superheroes-movie retelling event?


  4. Tapatapatapa 06/11/2016 — 22:53

    I’m missing a super villain…Dr Colossus.
    Hopefully he’ll come back.


  5. I would have preferred Stonecutters again but I am intrigued by what the new Superheroes “battle system” is going to be since crafting is so stale.

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  6. Can’t wait 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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