HappyTapper’s Superhero wishlist

The Chilliad is coming to a slow halt and as the first Facebook teaser has been released we now know that an event is the next big thing! Thanks to the obvious teaser and the Kindle leak we are certain that a Superhero event is coming “soon” so that bring up many questions – especially because it’s a sequel – like:

What is there that EA can add that wasn’t in the original? What can we expect to see? Is there enough good content that EA can make a whole event out of it?
Before writing this post I thought there was little that EA could add so I wanted to explore more into the Superhero world in Springfield!

Well in this post I will tackle the above questions and give to you My Superhero Wishlist – What I want to see in the upcoming event!wp-1465743891870.png

NOTE: There were many possibilities but I have chosen my favourites and ones that I think would make a fun addition to the game and event!

When the event hits I will update this post and mark which items/characters we receive!

Teased Characters
These are characters that were teased to return in the original Superhero event!

The Fossil Fuel Four
wp-1465743934796.jpgThis dynamic group of superheros appeared in the episode “Married to the Blob” when they tried to take down Zenith City Power Plant! They all have great potential for animated tasks as there powers are epic! Here is some information about them separately and why I want them in the game:wp-1465743964204.pngThe Fracker – This epic supervillain can blast polluted water in the ground so he has great potential for animated tasks and he could come with or have tasks with a possible Zenith Power Plant (more about that later)!wp-1465743994249.png Charcoal Briquette – She can blast fire from her flipping head! Enough said! There was also a lot of complaints that we received no new female characters with the original Superhero event so she would make a great female addition!

wp-1465744026433.pngOld King Coal – He can blast coal out of his staff. Another great character with great animated potential!

We already received Petroleus Rex with the original Superhero event, so he could be brought back as returning, which is a reason why there is no excuse of gaining the whole gang!

wp-1465744056492.jpgDr. Crab
Dr. Vladmir Krabokov, or commonly known as Dr. Crab, has only been mentioned in Simpsons episodes but has featured in many Simpson comics! This is a bonus to me as I love the comics and the fact that a Superhero character came from a comic makes it more Superhero like!

All the above characters were teased to return in the ending dialogue for the original Superhero event – so I expect and hope that they arrive with the upcoming event:

wp-1465718896878.jpgDr. Crab was also revealed to be the original event’s villain, the one behind what happened last year.

Superhero Groups

The Dependables

imageThis funny group, parodying The Avengers, is a clang of elderly superheros that featured in the episode Dark Night Court! We received Fruit-Bat Man (Mr. Burns Skin) in the Dark Night Court episode tie-in – it also returned with the Superhero original event – so we only need the other 4 skins! However they would most likely be premium as the skins are mostly for premium characters. Fruit-Bat Man, possibly returning, could even have a dialogue with the others – like a reunion!wp-1465744211556.pngThe Rambler – a potential hilarious skin for Grandpa with animated tasks like “bore villains” etc.

wp-1465744229814.pngHot Flash – To gain this character skin we would have to get the character first which hasn’t appeared in our games! So we could get Alice Glick, she has appeared in many episodes so I would like her skin or no skin, as a prize with the skin or as a premium character!

wp-1465744285980.pngEarly Bird – would most likely be a premium skin for Jasper, if it came, as Jasper is a premium character! I love animated tasks when it involves flying – Radioactive Man’s, Prairie Maggie (fly free) etc, so this would make a great additionwp-1465744305902.pngIron Lung – Is a fun part of the Dependables with great potential especially tasks linked with other characters however it would probably be premium if it arrived due to Hans Moleman being a premium character!

Other Characters
Characters that haven’t been teased or announced to arrive but I want

The Toker – skin for Otto
The Diddler and his angels – skin for Ned, Rod and Todd
Sugar and Spice – skins for Patty and Selma
Poison Lenny – skin for Lenny
Mr. Mole – I don’t want him but others do!

wp-1465744478721.jpgThe Scoutsmaster – from the episode “Radioactive Man”

CommunistBlockCommunist Block – The first Villian to fight Radioactive Man

imageThe Abdominable Dr. Lenny – He is a stand alone character and I am not a fan on skins so I would love this character!

wp-1465744551204.pngClobber Girl – Women Power!

Cupcake_kid Cupcake Kid

Stretch_DudeStretch Dude – Clobber Girl’s companion

wp-1465744573680.pngBartman – but the Batman version!

image Hulk Homer

image Everyman – I loved the episode he featured in and I think he would make a great addition!

Nick_FuryNick Fury – He’s cool! Why not?

Simpsons-4The fourth Doctor – The hero from Doctor Who, the longest running sci-fi series, started in 1963, with the TARDIS. He has appeared many times in the Simpsons, though it could be hard due to him being a BBC character. Alongside the Daleks too, his archnemesis.


I struggled with this one so if you have any suggestions then comment and I will add it if it is relevant a:)

This is the only building I could think of:

wp-1465744602803.jpgZenith Power Plant – Where the Fossil fuels Four fought together

What you want to see:
Do you have any ideas for the Superhero sequel? Then comment and if it is relevant then you will see it here 🙂

Ginourmous Pictures (captaincritical)
Possible building to come with Everyman due to the fact that they brought the Everyman rights!

There are also plenty of returning content ideas and I suspect Pie Man and Fallout Boy are returning due to their appearance on the latest teaser!

In conclusion … I think that there is plenty for EA to add! Especially skins but at least its something! Don’t worry about it though, just wait, chill and let it come to you! The above are ideas and nothing has been confirmed!

So what do you think?
Have any buildings that EA could add from episodes or comics? Want to see any other characters? Views on the upcoming event? Well tell us below as we love hearing from you and maybe if it’s good enough then I will add it! Happy Tapping …


19 thoughts on “HappyTapper’s Superhero wishlist

  1. captaincritical 06/14/2016 — 13:48

    One last thing thee is a channel called MagnusRobert on it he has an epa/simpsons movie event idea if you could try to take some ideas from that and add what he has and some other stuff that you,me and everyone else can think of


  2. captaincritical 06/14/2016 — 13:43

    I found 1 character: Xena don’t know about copyright there and a the building is: Springfeild copy shop they are the ones that print out everyman. I’ll get back to you if I find anymore


  3. captaincritical 06/14/2016 — 13:38

    If I find anymore buildings/characters ill tell you


  4. I Would love to see the Sky Finger as a character. 😛


    1. It is very unlikely due to the fact that it would ruin our perception of our finger being skyfinger! That’s what I like to believe 🙂


  5. captaincritical 06/13/2016 — 14:00

    I have a building that everyman homer can come with its called: Ginormous pictures. They are the ones that bought the rights for everyman homer


    1. Thanks! I will update this soon with credit to you 🙂


      1. captaincritical 06/14/2016 — 11:12

        thanks bro


  6. From the Simpsons wikia, I see also
    Captain Kwik (Apu)
    Dr Strange Dr (Nick Riviera)
    The Human Fly (Frink?)
    Busman (Otto)
    Brain Baby (Maggie)
    Señor Fritata (Stand Alone)
    The Entangler (Marge)


  7. Thank you for this most interesting blog post. While I’ve stated elsewhere that I’m not very stoked about the pending Superhero sequel event, I’ve got to say that this post has opened my mind to some intriguing possibilities. Best of all ~ as I scrolled down the page and saw your inclusion of Doctor Who, a huge smile spread across my face. Like you inferred, this would be unlikely due to licensing issues. Still, I am delighted at the thought of having Tom Baker’s Doctor (my favorite Doctor btw) in my town as a NPC.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What about Biclops?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Someone stole my burrito™ 06/12/2016 — 23:51

    Great selection. I want the all!!!!! 🙂


  10. What about Homer’s version of “Everyman”!


    1. I thought I included that! Must have forgotten as I uploaded an image to the library! Thank you for reminding me 🙂


  11. I’d got to have Señor Ding-Dong!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I will add that to the post! Such a fun character, possibly could come with the Señor Ding-Dong’s doorbell fiesta, that makes appearances in both comics and episodes! Thanks 🙂


  12. Catwoman Skinner, please!


  13. I feel that we could add Springfield Stamp Museum to tie in with The Collector somehow. Then there’s also Coolsville Comics and Toys, which was a rival to The Android’s Dungeon on the show. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


  14. Rockstar Vienna 06/12/2016 — 16:12

    What about fist face!? 😛


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