MITS: S1 Ep4

I am very busy at the moment but I still hope to bring you fun posts!

Happy Mathematical Monday tappers! Last week I blew quite a few people’s minds with some complicated “stuff” so this week I will dial it down a tone! In this post I am going to list my top 5 mathematical dialogue. These are any funny jokes that involve maths or anything number related! They need no explanation so enjoy the rundown …



Episode: Grade School Confidential

Bart:  Hey, Houdini!  Why don’t you saw Martin in half?

Magician:  Oh, I’m not the kind of magician who does tricks.  I’m a mathemagician!


Magician:  Now, prepare to marvel at the mysteries of the universe, as I make this remainder disappear. [writes 7 goes into 28 three times]

Lisa:  But 7 goes into 28 four times.

Magician:  Uh, this is a magic 7.


Episode: Old Yeller Belly

Duffman:  If you have 6 liters of blood, and your blood is 80% alcohol, how much alcohol do you have?


Episode: The Wettest Stories ever Told

Reverend:  Oh, I guess we’ll never make it to the New World.
Bart:  Oh.  When we landed I was going to denounce my sister as a witch.
Lisa:  I keep telling you, the ability to add two-digit numbers is not witchcraft.
Bart:  31 plus 43.
Lisa:  74.
Group:  Witch!  Witch!  Witch!


Episode: Girls just want to have sums

Teacher:  Now boys, who can tell me the volume of this snowman.  Anyone?
Martin:  Just add the volume of the spheres!  We know the radii….
Lisa:  He forgot the volume of the carrot nose:  one-third base times height!  Oh math, I have missed you!
Skinner:  No girls allowed!

And at number 1 (for it’s honesty!) …


Episode: The Saga Of Carl

Video host:  Ah, hello there!  I am Blaise Pascal, inventor of the probability theory!  What are the odds of meeting you here?  [He flips a coin.]  Excellent, I would say.  My friend Silly Squirrel is about to buy a lottery ticket.  Silly Squirrel, do you know the probability of winning the lottery?
Silly Squirrel:  I don’t know.
Pascal:  Why, you are more likely to be run over by a car, or be hit by lightning, or murdered by an acquaintance.  If you understood probability, you would never play the lottery.

So that is the rundown of my favourite dialogues in the Simpsons with any size of mathmatical stuff! Next week something super is coming for MITS and hopefully for our games!

I am sorry for the size of this post but a lot of stuff is going on at the moment so please excuse it!
I hope everyone has a great week! Be mathematical! Look out for references and comment below …


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