Superheroes 2: Event Dates (Update: Superheroes 2 Radioactive Man Movie Set Promo)

The newest event of the game brings us the second chapter of the Superheroes! As with all major events, its separated in different dates, and you can join us right after the jump for the list of all dates of the event.

All times are BST.

date Event
6/14 8am-7/26 8am Event
6/14 8am-6/21 8am Wholesome And Sons Publishing
National Bank of Springfield
6/14 8am-6/28 8am Issue One
Basketball Court
6/14 8am-7/30 8am Rad Mobile
24 hours after first Friend visit Sequel Squad Membership
6/15 8am-7/30 8am Satellite Station
6/16 8am-7/30 8am Citizen Solar & Wind Lad
6/20 8am-6/28 8am Tar Pits w/Petroleus Rex
6/22 8am-6/29 8am Springfield Asylum
6/25 8am-6/28 8am Issue One Crossover
6/27 8am-7/5 8am
(After June 27th Patch)
First Bank of Springfield
6/28 8am-7/12 8am Issue Two
Aqua World Fuel Tank
Aqua World Prison Tower
Aqua World Fishing Platform
The Fracker
6/28 8am-7/4 8am Crap Silo w/Plopper
Burns State Prison
6/28 8am-7/5 8am Platinum Scratch-R
6/30 8am-7/26 8am
(after June 30th Server Update)
Quick Battles
7/3 8am-7/12 8am The Collider
Super Jeb
7/5 8am-7/16 8am Coolsville w/Milo
7/8 8am-7/30 8am Bartman Vs Radioactive Man
Bartman Cave
Kane Manor
Radioactive Man
7/9 8am-7/12 8am Issue Two Crossover
7/10 8am-7/30 8am Radstation Air Fortress
7/12 8am-7/26 8am Issue Three
7/12 8am-7/30 8am The Scout Master
Zenith City Phone Booth
7/13 11pm-7/30 11pm Bastille Day
Charcoal Briquette
France Flag
7/14 8am-7/30 8am Lobster Island
7/16 8am-7/30 8am Death Mountain
Death Mountain w/Dr. Colossus
7/16 9am-7/30 8am Beach House
7/19 8am-7/26 8am Boss Fight
7/20 8am-7/26 8am Milhouse’s Trailer
Platinum Scratch-R
Radioactive Man Movie Set

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


13 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Event Dates (Update: Superheroes 2 Radioactive Man Movie Set Promo)

  1. 6/25-6/28 Issue One Crossover – WHAT DOES IT MEAN ? 🙂
    By the way…BIG Thanks for every info about the event and everything here…so helpful and kind…keep being the BEST, buddies! 😉


  2. How con I cat batman in superheroes 2 and I no freans in sprinflield I hoop that No pobl me to get bartman


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