What Changed With the Superheroes 2 Update? (June 14th)

Superheroes are back for the sequel! As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

A new character group has been added, Sequel Squad: Bart, Homer, Lisa, Mr. Burns, Krusty, Comic Book Guy, Snake, Maggie, Radioactive Man, Fallout Boy, Plopper, The Collider, Dr. Colossus, Petroleus Rex, The Fracker, The Scout Master, Citizen Solar, Charcoal Briquette, Wind Lad, Old King Coal and Dr. Crab.


Sideshow Bob won’t spawn while a battle is active.


The app icon, splash screen, friend visit icon, task book and ambience music were changed to new ones for the event.


sidebar_superheroes2_releasingthepressureComic-Task Book Openico_mhud_superheroes2_leaderboard

Event Leaderboard was added.

Re-entering the inventory puts you back at where you left off rather than starting you back at the beginning.

Nature items, text boxes and text were changed to their comic looks.


Daily Challenges were added for the event.


Homer’s Drink Beer with Intensity and Recruit an Elite Chili Team jobs now requires Homer’s Chiliad event to be active.


A new row of land was added.


Completing The End of the Beginning Pt. 22 no longer shows Winter 2015’s Act 3 Completed message.

Maggie Unlock

Building Kane Manor now takes 6 seconds instead of 8 hours and yields 55 XP instead of 10 and its task is now premium.


Radioactive Man, Dr. Colossus and The Collider‘s jobs are now premium.


Building Burns State Prison now takes 6 seconds instead of 8 hours and yields 90 XP instead of 10 and its task is now premium.


Building National Bank of Springfield now takes 6 seconds instead of 8 hours and yields 80 XP instead of 10 and its task is now premium.


Building Death Mountain now takes 6 seconds instead of 8 hours and yields 120 XP instead of 10 and its task is now premium.


Zenith City Store Front was changed from the group Homes to Shops.

Zenith City Storefront

Crap Silo’s task is now premium.

Crap Silo

Building Tar Pits now yields 80 XP instead of 10 and its task is now premium.


Petroleus Rex’s job Terrorize Springfield now requires A Stalk to Remember Pt. 2 or Jurassic Spark Pt. 2 to be started.


Petroleus Rex’s job Do Research now requires A Stalk to Remember Pt. 3 or Jurassic Spark Pt. 3 to be started.

Petroleus Rex was moved from Super Villains character group to the Fossil Fuel Four character group.

Placing Zenith City Phone Booth now yields 5000 XP.

Superhero Phone Booth

Placing Super Jeb now yields 25 XP, yields a bonus of 0.6% and 200 Vanity points instead of 50.


Placing Radstation Air Fortress now yields 225 XP instead of 250.


Placing Rad Mobile now yields 10000 XP and 50 Vanity points instead of 10 Obedience points.


The town center was changed to Orphan Alley.


Bart’s Treehouse, main Krusty Burger, Android’s Dungeon, Cooling Towers, Springfield Penitentiary and main Kwik-E-Mart can’t be stored and sold.

Barts Treehouse

Crook and Ladder’s Moe’s Tavern burning sound was added.

Moe's Tavern

Characters can now be sent to special buildings like Open Air Stage, Town Plaza, etc. and still be sent on other tasks too due to a glitch.


Join us later for more info on this event, happy Hero-tapping!


21 thoughts on “What Changed With the Superheroes 2 Update? (June 14th)

  1. It looks like SF Heights was messed up by the update. I upgraded the 6 Business Centers that I had left for free. When I was done, my Electronics and Lattes storages were completely empty. It didn’t work for the Luxury Resorts, though, and my other buildings are already level 5.


  2. Looks like fun! I am stalled, don’t seem to be able to build Burns’s summer mansion, which shows as red in the build mode. I can’t go any further until I can get that figured out. Anyone else dealing with this?


  3. Boo. Skipping this event. Never even completed the first superhero update and I will
    Not participate in this one. That’s just my opinion. To me all this is just garbage prizes and not worth the time. litterally not one item in this event would even have a chance of having a permanent place in my everyday Springfield. PASS


  4. Woo hoo land!
    And lots of stuff I missed out on last time from being away on holidays.
    I’m still trying to work out the ‘double up’ trick…what beats what? I think brains beat technology (or whatever it is) so by process of elimination- brawn maybe beats brains and technology beats brawn?


    • Body has the advantage over brains.
      Tech has the advantage over body.
      Brains has the advantage over tech.

      Hope that helps!


    • I also was having difficulty remembering it ……. Then I started using the term “MBTM” (Muscle, Brain, Tech, Muscle)

      The previous letter has the advantage over the letter that comes after it ; ))))

      Liked by 1 person

    • That does help thanks.
      So it seems IT nerds beat up the jocks, jocks beat the brains, and brains pick on IT nerds.
      Aafreen, your method reminded of Lisa making up the song to remember the test…lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • I couldn’t remember either, but clicking the ? in the top right corner brings up the help screen that shows the graphic of what beats what. And if you screw it up and see that your first match up has a red down arrow, just retreat and select over again.


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