Superheroes 2: Battle Guide

Battles are back, this time it’s heroes and villains versus felons! Join us right after the jump for the basics on how to fight!

The battles are quite similar to the ones in Tap Ball.

You fight sending your superheroes in and having them battle your enemies.

SH2 Battle Guide

If you win you get more resources, and the more damage you do the more you recieve too. You get some even if you lose.

SH2 Battle Results

On the first win of the day you get additional rewards.

SH2 First Win of the Day

Win: 350 Event Currency and sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones40
Loss: 55 Event Currency and sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones10
Bonus: 4 Event Currency per each heart of damage done
First win of the day extra bonus:

Issue 1: 300 Event Currency and sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones50,

Issue 2:Β 400 Event Currency and sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones75,

Issue 3: 600 Event Currency and sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones120.

The fighting system, similar to PokΓ©mon, consists in a Rock, Paper and Scissors battle.

Brain wins against Tech, Tech wins against Muscles, Muscles wins agains Brain.

SH2 Battle Screen

Normal effect (same type characters) will do 1 heart of damage. Supereffective will deal 2 hearts of damage. To change the character on the field, press the switch button, but remember, the enemy will get one attack on you that way.

After the battle your fighters will be hurt and need healing. By crafting Band aid kits you can replenish their hearts outside of battle, to get them ready to rumble once again. If you don’t have enough materials, the fighters will regain health in time.


If you need to replenish hearts in battle you can also use the Sciencewater. You can get it by tapping criminals or buy one for 2 donuts when you don’t have enough.


To power up your partners you can use the Finite Stones obtained from the battles.

sidebar_superheroes2_finitestonesSH2 Fighter Management Guide

You can power them up to get one more heart every time till the max of 5.

SH2 Fighter Management

Upgrading once costs sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones245, then sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones380 and finally sidebar_superheroes2_finitestones550.

Social battles are important too: you need to do a lot of fights against your friends to earn all the social prizes!

SH2 Social Battle Guide

Defeating them or losing to them doesn’t matter for the prize (it still matters the same way as normal battles for rewards though) but it’s really important you battle every day!

SH2 Social Battle Prizes

The final prize requires 115 battles, and every day you can only do 3 battles total against your friends! That means 39 days of battles! To battle your friends click on the top right fist icon. If the friend doesn’t have that icon, it means your friend hasn’t updated to the event yet.


In social battles you’ll use felons themself, you can unlock more by fighting against your friends in the prizes.

You can heal them the same way as your own characters.

SH2 Felon Management

Note: DO NOT retreat from from a fight in a friend town, it’ll count as one of the fights but won’t recieve a point for the social prizes.

Felons spawn in your town every 4 hours by tapping the Orphan Alley. The maximum number of groups you can have at the same time is 12.

3 Social Battles can be fought every 24 hours. The timer starts after the first social battle of the day ends.

You can check your and your friend’s results in the Event Leaderboard. The red part means a loss, the blue part means a win. The bigger an area is the more the user has won/lost.

SH2 Social Battle Leaderboards

Quick Battles: On June 30th, Quick Battles were introduced, adding a new button on the battle field on the top right. Clicking it, you can speed up the battle and do nothing. However, there’s no heal or switch, it all happens as if you’d tap the bottom right button to fight without any other action. To preserve health and deal more damage, control the team manually.


This is all for now, join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Battle Guide

  1. treva english 06/23/2016 — 12:27

    I won the battle on the orpan alley pt. 2 and they is no one to battle so how do I clear the complete the battle tutorial? It seems struck? that is all that showing in my tasks with a orange exclamation point?


    1. wait you won the battle that showed all the steps etc?


  2. I can’t get the print to pop up to battle with my friends. Anyone help please or let me add them?


    1. do they show the icon? remember you must reach a certain point in the questline to unlock friend battles


  3. “Bonus: 9 Event Currency per each heart of damage done” ?!?
    9 ooor… 4 Event Currency per each heart damage done ? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  4. Here’s a good tip. As we get a payout for losing you might as well lose as often possible before you eventually win, because you can only win 3 times on every rotation. So I only send one character out for every battle and NEVER upgrade my Fighters.


  5. Are the pay outs the same whether you win or lose a social battle?


  6. Hi when I try to go to my other Springfield to use felons to fight heroes it does not have the orphan alley in it. My other Springfield was not updated. I tried uninstalling and installing but no change. Is this a EA issue? Thanks


    1. You can only fight friends that have Orphan Ally, the Other Springfield does not have it


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