How Do the Superheroes Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

With every new content update the game receives, each new item arrive with its own bonus reward or contribution to the Conform-O-Meter but also many times EA makes changes to existing or previously released content as well. To find out what this event and its content has brought to the table keep reading after the jump.

This post includes the two Superheroes 1 only items: Radioactive Man Statue and Wrecked Brown House.

BUILDING OR ITEM rating points
Plastic Prison
Pie Man Epic Statue
Obedience 5
Superior Squad HQ
Burns State Prison
Bartman Cave
Death Mountain
Rad Mobile
Radioactive Man Statue
Soilant Red Factory
Obedience 10
Springfield Asylum Obedience 10
Radstation Air Fortress Obedience
Bonus XP and $
Satellite Station Obedience
Bonus XP and $
Crap Silo
Zenith City Apartments
Zenith City Lofts
Zenith City Store Front
Kane Manor
Beach House
Burns’ Summer Mansion
Dr. Lenny’s Lab
Zenith City Condo
Zenith City Penthouse
Zenith City Offices
Indolence 10
Dead Lobster Gluttony 10
Tar Pits
National Bank of Springfield
Zenith City Times
Spirography Factory
Springfield Books
One Week Wonder Films
Mylar Baggins
Consumerism 10
First Bank of Springfield
Wholesome and Sons Publishing
Consumerism 20
Wrecked Brown House
Zenith City Phone Booth
Vanity 10
Radioactive Man Movie Set
Atomic Bomb
Attack Helicopter
Bent Over Lamppost
The Collector Lucite Statue
Garbage Can
Green Bin
Zenith City Bin
Hero Clothesline
High Voltage Transformer
Vanity 100
Lucile Container
Zenith City Mailbox
Painted Horse
Radioactive Man Billboard
X-Ray Machine
X-Ray Truck
Giant Snake in a Tree
The Collector’s Car
Aqua World Main Guard Tower
Aqua World Wharf
Vanity 100
Orphan Alley Vanity 200
Super Jeb Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
France Flag Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Aqua World Fuel Tank Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Aqua World Fishing Platform
Milhouse’s Trailer
Bonus $ and XP
Basketball Court
Lobster Island
Bonus $ and XP
Aqua World Prison Tower Vanity
Bonus $
Bonus XP
Botanical Garden Tree-hugging 100

Join us next time for any news on this update, happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “How Do the Superheroes Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

  1. The continuing saga of missing tungsten dude. Tried contacting ea, after trying going to krustyland as suggested without any change, they cant do anything today because no specialists are available on a sunday afternoon! Have to try again tomorrow!


      • I got through to an advisor this morning who has escalated it to a specialist. Now i just have to wait for them to fix it. Couldnt give me a time scale, so still only have 2 fighters for friend battles today!


  2. I don’t wish to be a negative nellarino, but surely now that there are no more “real” levels then the Conform-o-meter is effectively redundant, as soon as you reach level 60 & have 5 stars then none of your ratings will ever come down, making these “Conform-o-meter Posts” largely irrelevant for most of us imo.
    I’m not suggesting you abandon them completely as they are still useful for newbies but maybe they should be lower priority to things like “Should you buy…” or Premium walkthrough/KTGs for example.


    • Absolutely no apologies necessary guys & I didn’t mean to put any undue pressure on anyone, I just wanted to offer some feedback by expressing a viewpoint that might not have occurred to anybody yet.
      As always all the hard work you guys put in for our benefit is greatly appreciated & I hoped it might be able to save you some time in the long run.


  3. I have completed 12 friend battles, but havent recieved the tungsten dude. I have restarted my device, then unistalled and reinstalled the game, waiting for it to fully download before staring the game, with no figure! Is this a known glitch? Is a patch on the way? How can i get the figure l need to continue the game?


  4. Hi, quick question. Will Fossil Fuel Four members have some kind of joint task (like heroes attacking Radioactive Man Statue last year)? I’m thinking about getting whole team, but not sure I’m ready to spent 295 donuts.


    • I have bought them Deb, and in my opinion they are well worth it.
      It eases the demands on battling felons to have 4 tech class fighters instead of 2. My limiting factor in completing 3 battles every 4 hrs is currently only having 2 muscle class guys until I unlock Android Snake (next on my prize list). If you don’t buy the Solar/Wind duo you will have to wait until the last prize of Act 1 before you get a third Tech class fighter (King Coal), and as the opponents gradually level up to 4 & 5 hearts each you risk getting behind with your battles & spawning 3 more gangs before you’ve beaten the previous ones.
      Secondly they are also useful for levelling up the HQ mansion quicker which simplifies tapping felons in your town.
      And finally they are imo a couple of cool looking characters & when the event is over you’ve got 2 premium earning characters with some amusing animated tasks, all for just 130 donuts!
      My advice is buy, buy, buy, sooner the better.
      🙂 🙂


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