Superheroes 2: Issue 1 Prizes

The first act of the Superheroes 2 event bring us 2 villains in the prizes: Cyber Snake and Old King Coal, the second member of the The Fossil Fuel Four to join Springfield. Join us right after the jump for the list of all Issue 1 Prizes!

SH2 Act 1 Prizes

image name cost
swp Sciencewater Pack: sidebar_superheroes2_sciencewater6 sidebar_superheroes2_brassknuckles2.850
mylarbagginscomicbookshop_menu Mylar Baggins sidebar_superheroes2_brassknuckles11.500
alien_menu Alien sidebar_superheroes2_brassknuckles19.000
ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack3_lg First Aid Kit: sidebar_superheroes2_bandaids20 sidebar_superheroes2_brassknuckles23.600
unlock_snake_cyborg Cyborg Snake sidebar_superheroes2_brassknuckles33.400
aquaworld01_transimage Aqua World Main Guard Tower sidebar_superheroes2_brassknuckles41.450
unlock_oldkingcoal Old King Coal sidebar_superheroes2_brassknuckles52.950

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Issue 1 Prizes

  1. Dimitar Gyumov 06/21/2016 — 06:05

    First Aid Kit – 6 ooor…20? πŸ™‚


  2. Seekeroftr848 06/19/2016 — 23:05

    Do we know if the Felons are going to be permanent characters in our games after the event?


  3. Always glad to get more land but how about some along the other side.


  4. Hi, I’m looking forward to buy the character combo of those two tech heros for 130 donuts, but i wanna know first if they are full character, with jobs and voiced, do you guys think they worth the price?
    Thanks for the help


    1. Full seperate characters, each with an own set of tasks, not voiced
      Both earn premium, no tasks for SH, Monorail or KL
      65 donuts each isnt terrible expensive, but they dont come with a building
      are they worth the price? This isnt about my money or my preferances, so I cant say how you should value it. I value the the Funzos higher, though they dont have tasks because I remember them from the TVshow.
      If you missed the Collider last event they could be useful, since only Klownface is tech.


      1. They are voiced.


      2. I gona buy them, although I have the collider, its good deal, thanks for the help.
        The funzos don’t intrest me very much, I have one (won in the first Christmas event), this non job character I even store them during the events, to reduce lags for me and my neighbors.


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