Superheroes 2: Social Battle Prizes

Something new has started with this event: Social Battle Prizes! New felons for battles, two buildings, a new decoration and some collectibles awaits us. Join us right after the jump for the list of all of them!

For the first time ever, in an event, prizes can be won in friend towns, just like Friend Points, but this time by battling your friends.

SH2 Social Battle Prizes

image name cost
unlock_felon_techm Tungsten Dude ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack3
Sciencewater_Cooler Sciencewater Cooler: sidebar_superheroes2_sciencewater9 ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack7
kiosk Kiosk ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack12
unlock_felon_brainsf STEM-antha ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack19
Trading_Card_Box Trading Card Box: sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards500 ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack25
unlock_felon_strengthm Gluteus ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack34
piemanepicstatue_menu Pie Man Epic Statue ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack44
ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack3_lg First Aid Kit: sidebar_superheroes2_bandaids20 ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack54
unlock_felon_techf Meg Ahertz ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack66
wonderfilms_menu One Week Wonder Films ico_mhub_superheroes2_socialprizetrack77

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


15 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Social Battle Prizes

  1. Is it possible to upgrade the villains you win from their default level of lives(heart)? I see no path to this.


  2. Do you get to battle just once a day?


  3. Do you know when/how the 24h timer is reset? It seems there is no relation with friend towns timer.


    1. It says on bottom
      24 hours after doing the first social battle of the day


  4. The costs in the table don’t seem right to me. It cost me 10 to get Tungsten Dude. It’s costing be an additional 10 to get the Sciencewater Cooler so I feel like the cost should either read 10 or 20 (depending on if you’re counting the difference between prices or the cumulative price). I’m not sure where 32 comes from.


    1. oh my god i screwed it up. i meant to edit the table and forgot. that’s what you got for working too much stuff at once. thanks


  5. The cost values in the table are complete bogus.


  6. TheRealTiminator 06/20/2016 — 13:22

    Wow! that last prize is gonna be near impossible. There’s only enough leeway to drop 5 friend battles which is less than 2 days in a 40 day stretch. I already dropped 1 day due to not progressing the story line as far as friend battles till late afternoon on day 1 & then each day it slips a little bit later cos there’s no countdown clock to when the friend battles will reset.
    This is the same problem that afflicts friend visits ordinarily, as you can’t always get on at the same time every single day. I think it would be much fairer if EA changed the reset period from a “rolling 24 hrs” to a “calendar day” system, so that as long as you check in at least 1 time every day then you keep your allowance of friend visits/battles.
    As it is I’m just gonna have to hope the event drags on an extra day or 2 after the clock runs out, (not unheard of in past events – fingers crossed).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Knowing EA, they’ll allow more than 3 daily battles toward the end of the event. For now, they want us to feel a sense of urgency to play every day. EA knows if a player falls behind, they’re less likely to log in. But personally I’m still setting the alarm on my phone to beep 24 hours after a battle!


  7. So the tungsten dude is just for fights and it wont stay as character after the event?


    1. Knowing E/A, Tungsten Dude and the other baddies may be sold for donuts after the end of the event. Things like that have happened before.


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