Superheroes 2: Crafting

Crafting is back once again, and lots of items awaits us, including another member of the The Fossil Fuel Four on Bastille Day. Join us right after the jump for a list of all the items that can be crafted in this event!

SH2 The Collector's Shop

Note: All Issue items will be removed from the shop when the issue ends!

image name cost
Issue 1
springfieldbooks_menu Springfield Books sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards2.410
collectorlucitestatue The Collector Lucite Statue sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards785
lucitecontainer_menu Lucite Container sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards325
collectorscar_menu The Collector’s Car sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards965
Issue 2
Zenith City Times Zenith City Times sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards960
Zenith_City_New_Items_Pack Zenith City Condo
Zenith City Penthouse
Zenith City Offices
radioactivemanbillboard01_menu Zenith City Billboard sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards335
giantsnakeinatree_menu Giant Snake in a Tree sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards835
aquaworld02_transimage Aqua World Wharf sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards2.415
Aqua World Wharf is wrongly shown in the crafting menu
as the same as the premium Aqua World Fishing Platform.
Issue 3
Zenith_City_Returning_Pack Zenith City Store Front
Zenith City Apartments
Zenith City Lofts
Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards945
atomicbomb Atomic Bomb sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards170
bentoverlamppost Bent Over Lamppost sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards170
mailbox Zenith City Mailbox sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards170
gcpack Garbage Can
Green Bin
Zenith City Bin
heroclothesline Hero Clothesline sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards210
highvoltagetransformer High Voltage Transformer sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards335
paintedhorse_menu Painted Horse sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards790
Bastille Day
francecroq French Flag
Charcoal Briquette
All Issues
ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack1_lg Small Band-Aid Box: sidebar_superheroes2_bandaids5 Issue 1-2
Issue 3
ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack2_lg Large Band-Aid Box: sidebar_superheroes2_bandaids10 sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards180
ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack3_lg First Aid Kit: sidebar_superheroes2_bandaids20 sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcards340

Join us next time for more infos on this event, happy tapping!


31 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Crafting

  1. will any or all of the main issue 3 crafting items be unique? seems issue 1 items were mostly unique while issue 2 has only a couple of unique items. thanks.


  2. So what do i get out of the superheroes crafting items. Are they all just decoration? (besides the bandaids)


  3. Can you confirm the cost of crafting the garbage can in Issue 3 please, as in the “New Items” post it’s listed as 170 trading cards.
    I’m just doing my sums to make sure I keep back enough for Charcoal Briquette, thanks for checking.


  4. I haven’t seen any reoccurring Pride day or independence day (4th july) item. are we getting another president this year? would have thought those things would have been rolled up intot he event. they usually are.



  5. Will Charcoal Briquette/French Flag only be available on Bastille day? i.e for 24hrs only, or will she stay till the end of the issue?
    BTW for those who don’t know, Bastille day is 14th July, which should be 2 days into Issue 3 by my calculation.
    If she’s only available for 1 day then I’ll have to limit the number of Issue 2 items I craft to make sure I carry 4000 trading cards over to Issue 3.
    Thanks for any clarification you can give us.


  6. Not sure if this has been covered , ,,but will the craft able items available now leave when the next group starts?


  7. Can you please confirm the crafting cost of the Bastille Day craftable (France flag and Charcoal Briquette)? The info here conflicts with that in your ‘returning items’ post. Thx 🙂


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