Superheroes 2: Burns’ Summer Mansion Upgrades

Burns’ Summer Mansion is the new Headquarters for our heroes: the Sequel Squad. It can be upgraded to increase the tap radius on tapping felons. Joins us right after the jump to find out how it works.

SH2 Burns' Summer Mansion Upgrade

All jobs are 4 hour long and each level requires sidebar_superheroes2_squareinches6 per level.

Level 5 unlocks the West Wing and 15 unlocks the East Wing, while all levels increases the Tap Radius on Felons.

character job
Freemium reward: sidebar_superheroes2_squareinches2 and 6 Event Currency
Pie Man  Eat 50 Year Old Snacks
Fallout Boy  Scrub the Floors With a Toothbrush
Clownface  Blow Dust Off Surfaces
The Collector  Duct Tape the Windows
Cyborg Snake  Eliminate Vermin
Clobber Girl  Rearrrange Furniture
Stretch Dude  Unclog Drains
Bouncing Battle Baby  Test Flooring Resistance
Old King Coal  Boss People Around
Charcoal Briquette  Burn Incense
Premium reward: sidebar_superheroes2_squareinches4 and 12 Event Currency
The Fracker  Refill Oil Tank
The Scout Master  Apply Feng Shui
Citizen Solar  Install Solar Panels
Wind Lad  Blow Off Spider Webs

Join us next time for more infos on this event, happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Burns’ Summer Mansion Upgrades

  1. Do characters continue to earn Square-Inches after the event ends, or must we finish upgrading the mansion before July 26?


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