Superheroes 2: New item added to the shop

A new item is now available with Gil’s new deal: the Springfield Asylum! This item produces one more felon group, each member has 5 hearts, every 4 hours!
springfieldasylum_menuSFAsylum Gil Deal One PanelSF Asylum Gil Deal


7 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: New item added to the shop

  1. Another Expensive building… Does it have any characters tasks after event? And is the building animated when activated?


    • Monsterjb…you’ll definitely need well over 1000 donuts for this event, if you need everything.
      I got the asylum (sorry, “Home for the criminally different”) because it looked like a big building and I like big buildings. I’m happy with it.


      • I did a calculation and turned out to be 2630 donuts if gonna get everything since I missed out the previous Super event as I started the game late. Take away returning items, still will need 1275 donuts. Coolsville with Milo will be a decent buy at 150 donuts


        • Leveling up to level 939 and a few scores of bonuts rounds should do the trick. All you need is an active XP collider, 200 million game cash and 4 hours of rigorous tapping.


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