Superheroes 2: New item added to the shop

A new item is now available with Gil’s new deal: the Springfield Asylum! This item produces one more felon group, each member has 5 hearts, every 4 hours!
springfieldasylum_menuSFAsylum Gil Deal One PanelSF Asylum Gil Deal


7 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: New item added to the shop

  1. Another Expensive building… Does it have any characters tasks after event? And is the building animated when activated?


    1. 2h permanent premium job for milhouse. No animation. Spawns a group of felons with 5 hearts each to fight every 4 hours


      1. Thanks! will pass this one cos it has similar look to the country club building 😇 Absolutely no creativity by Gil


    2. Tapatapatapa 06/22/2016 — 12:25

      Monsterjb…you’ll definitely need well over 1000 donuts for this event, if you need everything.
      I got the asylum (sorry, “Home for the criminally different”) because it looked like a big building and I like big buildings. I’m happy with it.


      1. I did a calculation and turned out to be 2630 donuts if gonna get everything since I missed out the previous Super event as I started the game late. Take away returning items, still will need 1275 donuts. Coolsville with Milo will be a decent buy at 150 donuts


        1. Leveling up to level 939 and a few scores of bonuts rounds should do the trick. All you need is an active XP collider, 200 million game cash and 4 hours of rigorous tapping.


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