Announcement: TopiX Design Pool!

Hello tappers! Some news here to get excited overwp-1466683096386.jpgRead on for more information …

So a TopiX tapper asked if we could have an area to showoff your towns and get feedback! So here it is … Well, not here but on another page!

You can access the page by clicking here or by accessing it on the top menu!

So .. What is this page for?

The page is so that you can comment your screenshots and get feedback on it by me and by fellow tappers. Then every week on a saturday I will choose my favourite design and I will update the page with it as my design of the week.

For events and updates I will also update the page to have a theme. So you can comment on your event areas and I will choose the design of the week around which event area is the best!

The page is permanent so it will always be active so you can comment on it all-year round to get feedback and showoff your great towns! I have seen some great designs so I can’t wait to see what you tappers come up with.

So … get creative and comment on the page linked above! Happy Designing …


2 thoughts on “Announcement: TopiX Design Pool!

  1. Wow, I’m so excited to read this; Thanks for doing it. Can’t wait to see the amazing designs of fellow tappers!! 😉


    1. finally went and enabled comments now they should come. oops


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