Superheroes 2: Issue 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 2

Citizen Solar and Wind Lad has landed in Springfield, ready to use the power of the sun and the wind to blow away Gil with his new weird offer of the Springfield Asylum. Join us right after the jump for their combo walkthrough and the Gil Deal!

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Item Overview: Basketball Court

wp-1466926377307.pngHello and welcome to another Item Overview where I give you all the fun information you need about the premiums and the freemiums of events and updates! So with Springfield going super in the first sequel event in Tapped Out history it means that there are new prizes, quests and of course items. In this post we will explore the Basketball Court a premium item released in this event that will leave on the 28th June when Issue 2 begins…

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Superheroes 2: Issue 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 1

Superheroes return with a lot of premium items, starting off with the membership card, the Wholesome and Son Publishing building, the very cool Satellite Station and the marvelous Basketball Court with a surprise. Join us right after the jump for their walkthroughs!

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