Item Overview: Basketball Court

wp-1466926377307.pngHello and welcome to another Item Overview where I give you all the fun information you need about the premiums and the freemiums of events and updates! So with Springfield going super in the first sequel event in Tapped Out history it means that there are new prizes, quests and of course items. In this post we will explore the Basketball Court a premium item released in this event that will leave on the 28th June when Issue 2 begins…

Where did it come from?

wp-1466926121253.pngI found it hard to find a basketball court that released a sci-fi ship but the ship itself is an exact replica of this ship from the beginning of “In the na’vi” the last short story from Treehouse of Horror XXII.

The Stats

Price: 60 donuts
XP Bonus: 2.5&
Dimensions: 6×11

What does it do?
When tapped the court will open up and the ship will come out, survey the area for around 10 seconds and then goes back down closing the court back up.

Should I Buy?
In my personal opinion this is a great buy for both premium and freemium players. The design, concept and animation is great and the design possibilities are endless: maybe as part of the school as a normal basketball court or in front of the mansion as a super secret lair?

However if you are freemium then you might want to pass if you don’t want it as it is a high-ish price for a no character interaction decoration.

Final Verdict
If you have the donuts and want it then this a great and fun buy to get!

So … Did you get it? Remember the THOH it came from? Any views on the Superhero 2 event so far? Tell us in the comments and Happy Tapping …


1 thought on “Item Overview: Basketball Court

  1. I’ll PASS that ball and the court.


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