Superheroes 2: Issue 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 2

Citizen Solar and Wind Lad has landed in Springfield, ready to use the power of the sun and the wind to blow away Gil with his new weird offer of the Springfield Asylum. Join us right after the jump for their combo walkthrough and the Gil Deal!

Light at the End of the Wind Tunnel Pt. 1

Citizen Solar starts

Citizen Solar: You know what Wind Lad? I’ve been feeling pretty dandy lately.
Citizen Solar: The sun’s been shining bright and I’m as cranked up as a Tesla supercharger.
Wind Lad: I’m feeling great too. I’m spinning faster than a category 6 tornado-alley twister.
Wind Lad: If these weather patterns keep up we may no longer be second rate heroes!

Task: Make Citizen Solar Bathe in the Sun
Task: Make Wind Lad Dance in the Wind
Time: 4h

Citizen Solar: I’ve never enjoyed the blazing, scorching, unbearable sun more!
Wind Lad: There hasn’t been more hot air blowing since the last GOP debate!

Light at the End of the Wind Tunnel Pt. 2

Citizen Solar starts

Wind Lad: Citizen Solar, what happens if the weather stops being so great for us?
Citizen Solar: We become nobodies again… dust in the wind, Wind Lad.
Wind Lad: Maybe if we study the weather we’ll be able to forecast low winds and poor UV light.
Wind Lad: Then if the weather takes a turn for the worse we can just go into hiding!
Citizen Solar: Excellent idea Wind Lad. To the books we go!

Task: Make Citizen Solar Study the Weather
Task: Make Wind Lad Study the Weather
Time: 8h
Location: Springfield Library

Citizen Solar: I’ve found some disturbing news about our new strength Wind Lad…
Wind Lad: Me too Citizen Solar…

Light at the End of the Wind Tunnel Pt. 3

Citizen Solar starts

Citizen Solar: The reason my power has been so great lately is due to the thinning ozone layers.
Citizen Solar: More UV rays are shining onto the planet hence the boost to my solar power.
Wind Lad: The higher average temperature increase has caused more storms and turbulence in the atmosphere.
Wind Lad: Both of us are benefitting from the effects of climate change!
Wind Lad: The only way we’re both going to stay strong is if people keep using fossil fuels!

Task: Make Citizen Solar Support Fossil Fuels
Task: Make Wind Lad Deny Climate Change
Time: 12h
Location: Town Hall

Lisa: What are you guys doing? You know the effects of climate change!
Wind Lad: Exactly! If the earth is warming, how does Santa Claus still get around?
Citizen Solar: We use oil for things we love. We put it on our salads, in our cars, and to cure squeaks.
Lisa: Neither of those points make sense.

Light at the End of the Wind Tunnel Pt. 4

Citizen Solar starts

Lisa: I can’t keep letting Wind Lad and Citizen Solar go around spouting this non-sense.
Lisa: They’re supposed to be supporters of clean energy!
Homer: Wind Lad did make a good point though. Santa still visits Springfield every year.
Homer: And the earth warming up is good for lots of wonderful things – palm trees, swimming pools, road runners, scorpions…
Lisa: Ugh…..

Task: Make Lisa Research Clean Energy Benefits
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Library

Light at the End of the Wind Tunnel Pt. 5

Citizen Solar starts

Lisa: Wind Lad, Citizen Solar, you can’t support fossil fuels anymore.
Lisa: I know you think it’s making you guys stronger, but you don’t need to be stronger.
Lisa: Renewable energy isn’t meant to be more powerful than fossil fuels, it’s meant to outlast them.
Citizen Solar: But how are we supposed to beat our enemies?
Lisa: That’s my point, you don’t need to beat them, you’re going to outlast them.

Task: Make Citizen Solar Generate Renewable Energy
Task: Make Wind Lad Blast Off
Time: 24h

Citizen Solar: I’m doing it Wind Lad! The sun’s gentle caress is charging my solar cells. I’ll be able to solar blast bad guys for years to come.
Wind Lad: And continual gentle breezes will offer me the opportunity to fight today, tomorrow and forever!

Springfield Asylum Gil Offer

indicator_asylumpromoAuto starts

Gil: Superheroes, today I have something that I am sure you will AB-SO-LU-TELY love!
Pie Man: A boatload of donuts on sale?
Fallout Boy: A superhero’s utility belt?
Gil: No sorry, I was told not to do the first one ever again and the second would cost more to manufacture than I’m worth.
Pie Man: I hear ya.
Fallout Boy: …
Gil: I have something much much better! What about the Springfield Home for the Criminally Different?!
Fallout Boy: The what? That doesn’t sound like something we’d love to have in Springfield.
Gil: It’s a lunatic asylum, and it’s EXACTLY what superheroes are looking for…
Gil: Did I mention that in the last ten months escapes are up 150% and that 75% of staff members end up as residents and visa versa?
Gil: How can you possibly beat that?

SFAsylum Gil Deal One PanelSF Asylum Gil Deal

Offer accepted:
Gil: Good doing business with you, pally. Everyone needs friends and you and these loonies are gonna end up fast ones.

Offer declined:
Gil: Can’t blame you for not wanting to add some zip-zam-zoom to your gloomy life. Probably afraid of the dark corners and the constant sounds of screaming…

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping.


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