Superheroes 2: Issue 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 3

Gil brought us a new building, the Asylum, and Milhouse seems to be eager to enter, while Petroleus Rex is ready to go with a new mission, right after the jump!


A Lovely Lunatic Lunch

Milhouse Starts

Bart: Dare you to go in the asylum Milhouse!
Milhouse: I double dare you to go into it!
Bart: I’d triple dare you but I’m unsure of numbers after that so let’s just draw straws.
Milhouse: Okay.
Milhouse: Aww the short straw?! Alright, call the police if I’m not out in 5 minutes.

Task: Make Milhouse Enter the Asylum
Time: 2h
Location: Springfield Asylum

Milhouse: Bart! You’d never believe what I saw in the asylum!
Bart: You were in there for 4 hours!
Milhouse: I know! The patients were so entertaining.
Milhouse: We played escape games from these white jackets and something called loboto-me!

If you didn’t do A Stalk to Remember, last year’s quest, a new one starts for Petroleus Rex!

Jurassic Spark Pt. 1

If the user haven’t started A Stalk to Remember
Petroleus Rex starts

Petroleus Rex: Whoa! I just woke up from a dream where I was an environmental scientist named something silly like Rex Burnstein.
Lisa: That wasn’t a dream Petroleus, you were remembering your past. You were a famous environmentalist!
Petroleus Rex: Does being an environmental scientist include dousing things in petrol and lighting them on fire?
Lisa: It definitely does not.
Petroleus Rex: Eh, doesn’t sound like I’d be interested in it then.

Task: Make Lisa Convince Petroleus Rex of His Past
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Library

Jurassic Spark Pt. 2

Petroleus Rex starts

Petroleus Rex: So you’re willing to teach me how to be an environmental scientist again?
Lisa: Of course! You can become a world-renowned lover of earth again!
Petroleus Rex: That part doesn’t really interest me.
Petroleus Rex: Truth is that there isn’t much to do for a gasoline gunning T-Rex in Springfield.
Lisa: Well let’s start off with something easy, how about watering plants?

Task: Make Petroleus Rex Terrorize Springfield
Time: 8h

Lisa: No Petroleus! Plants need water not gasoline!

Jurassic Spark Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Lisa: Okay so watering plants didn’t work out. Perhaps water and oil by-products don’t mix.
Petroleus Rex: All I remember about science is that petrol is the best way to liven a party.
Lisa: Or an even better way; culturing bacteria in an Erlenmeyer Flask!

Task: Make Petroleus Rex Do Research
Time: 24h

Lisa: Petroleus! You’ve managed to mutate the bacteria I gave you into petroleum distilling organisms.
Lisa: It’s quite impressive and quite opposite what an environmental scientist should be doing.

Jurassic Spark Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Lisa: Perhaps you’d be better outside of the lab. How are you with paperwork?
Petroleus Rex: Would paperwork involve fires and explosions?!
Lisa: You can read about them in environmental impact reports at the library! Give it a try!
Petroleus Rex: Grrrrr…

Task: Make Petroleus Rex Read About Environmental Science
Time: 12h
Location: Springfield Library

Lisa: Perhaps the library isn’t the best place for you…
Lisa: I don’t approve of school districts burning books and I know burning down the library was an accident, but still…

Jurassic Spark Pt. 5

Petroleus Rex starts

Petroleus Rex: I’m not suited for this environmental stuff Lisa.
Petroleus Rex: I’m a mean, green, gas guzzling, meat masticating, jurassic machine.
Petroleus Rex: The lab life isn’t for me, I must answer my true calling of being an evil villain.

Task: Make Petroleus Rex Perform Evil Deeds
Time: 4h

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping.


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