4th of July 2016: All the Event Items and Prices

A ton of new items have been added to our game in this new event: characters, skins, buildings and decorations. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the items! Please note that this post contains SPOILERS of the event!

4thofJuly2016 One PanelSFNationalPark One Panel4thofjuly2016-gil-deal

The following list contains all the new items from this event!

image name cost
unlock_teddyroosevelt Teddy Roosvelt Unlock
Teddy Roosevelt
National Park
unlock_squawky Squawky Unlock
The Barbarian
Candidate Pt. 6
Returning Characters
unlock_georgewashington George_Washington_Unlock
George Washington
Ye Olde Cherry Tree
unlock_abrahamlincoln Abraham_Lincoln_Unlock
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln’s Cabin
unlock_rexbanner Rex_Banner_Unlock
Rex Banner
Nighthawk Diner
unlock_richardnixon Richard Nixon Unlock
Richard Nixon
Scandal-gate Hotel
unlock_freedom Tapped_Out_Unlock_Freedom
Presidential Estate
Returning Character Skin
unlock_apu_allamerican Tapped_Out_All-American_Apu_New_Character
All-American Apu
Returning Buildings
Nighthawk Diner Nighthawk Diner sidebar_donut90
Lincolcns Cabin Lincoln’s Cabin sidebar_donut150
Scandal-gate Hotel Scandal-gate Hotel sidebar_donut150
Presidential Estate Presidentail Estate sidebar_donut100
Note: Store Freedom if you’ve it to buy Presidential Estate, though still at 100.
If you’ve Presidential Estate but not Freedom, you can’t buy Freedom alone.
springfieldnationalpark_menu 4thofjuly2016-gil-deal
Springfield National Park
oldfaithless_menu Old Faithless sidebar_donut40
Returning Decorations
lincolnmemorial_menu Lincoln’s Memorial cash100.000
Fireworks Barge Fireworks Barge sidebar_donut80
American Flag American Flag cash5.600
Pinwheel Pinwheel Firework 1 Free on 4th of July
Box Of Fireworks Box of Fireworks sidebar_donut60
Cherry Tree Ye Olde Cherry Tree sidebar_donut180
Liberty Bell Liberty Bell cash50.000
Lisa Statue of Liberty Lisa Statue of
Patriotic Box of Fireworks Patriotic Box of Fireworks Bundle
Requires Lisa Statue of
Liberty to be owned
sidebar_holoflag Holo-Flag sidebar_donut15
ico_lisastatue_bundle Lisa Statue of Liberty
Patriotic Box of Fireworks

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


40 thoughts on “4th of July 2016: All the Event Items and Prices

  1. Grrrrr as usual message deleted and have to write again
    What’s messed up is if you already purchased PEand have been wanting freedom for a long time you can’t
    I have literally spent thousands on donuts to be a beyond loyal and premium player and am basicly being punished with stupid stuff like
    This I’m sure there are others with same feelings
    Hopefully EA gets their inbox flooded and they fix it and make it so we can get it
    Feel free to reply and sound off if you feel
    Same way
    Very disappointed I can’t get after spending all this money 😡😧😢


    • message deleted? no we just need to approve the message, due to spams etc. sometimes coming through so we can’t autoallow comments. just wait a bit and we’re sure to approve them 😉


    • Yes ,there a lot if of people who got stiffed for buying PE last year !! You would think EA would fix this !! Are you listening EA ??!!


  2. Didn’t Freedom originally come from an episode tie-in that had Daniel Radcliffe voicing a character from Bart’s school who had a falcon? What does a falcon have to do with a Presidential estate?


  3. I just got off the phone with EA customer service. I was told that if you have experienced the Gil glitch concerning teddy Roosevelt you must contact EA customer service and report the bug. Since it is not an issue of purchased items disappearing they cannot go in and reset the game. I was told that the more people who call or contact them about this bug the faster it can be addressed.


    • I contacted EA “Customer Service” and was told that “customer service agents cannot contact the developers” and that there is no way my report could get to anyone who could do anything about it. Just another of many examples of EA “Customer Sevrice” doing nothing to help.


  4. I stored Freedom & the presidential estate is available for 100 donuts. will I get another Freedom? also seen posted that it costs 85 donuts. does the estate earn any money & XP. I’m not seeing a compelling reason to get it


  5. I actually liked this 4th of July update I was gonna save my donuts for the scout master but instead I couldn’t resist but buy Teddy Roosevelt I love his outdoor tasks which are pretty cool, and squawky is AWESOME especially when you tap on him, this is by far my favorite 4th of July update


  6. What are the chances of EA addressing this Gil glitch. Has anyone called EA and had it resolved? Are we supposed to wait for a patch or has anyone been helped by tech support? The reason I’m asking is bc I would rather not waste time today on the phone with EA if all they are going to say is wait for a patch. Thank you to those of you who respond.


    • Called about the asylum glitch and the Duff gardens glitch. No help. They told me to post in the ea forum 😦


    • I spent an hour each in 2 EA Support chat sessions. There’s nothing they will do to help. I was told that EA customer support agents have no access to communicating with the Developers the issues we report to them. Action will only be taken if the Devs feel like it. They appear to be hiding from their own support staff, somewhere in an ivory tower most likely. I recommend nobody ever make in App purchases until Customer Service is rendered useful.


      • That is not true. They CAN contact the Technical teams, though EA sometimes neglect to tell this to their outsourced support staff. They have the authority to elevate and transfer cases to more competent sections. Why EA chooses not to inform their staff about it, is beyond me.


        • Try storing Freedom and then checking the store. I heard that it then turned up. I have the estate but not Freedom, and storing the estate did not get Freedom to show up in the store. Good luck if you try it. 🙂


                • Actually, as much as I admire the great work by TSTOAddicts, someone else on Reddit figured it out first. He/she sent a message to me on reddit after I posted there that I have Freedom but not the Presidential Estate; he/she said to store Freedom and the PE would appear in the store. It did.

                  Before Addicts even included the PE and Freedom bundle on their July 4th update (it was originally not included due to an oversight) I posted that tip on their July 4th thread. They later amended their blog post to add the info about the bundle and the trick of storing Freedom..

                  I’m not griping, nor trying to get acknowledged since it wasn’t my discovery anyway. I just feel like the person on reddit who brought the solution up and shared it generously with others should get the credit for discovering it, not Addicts.

                  One thing I love about this game/community is that players generously help each other with tips all the time, before some bloggers get it figured out, so we should remember to thank the players for their input and not just give credit to the bloggers who circulate info brought to their attention by players who post their discoveries in comments on their blogs.


                  • What I think is messed up is of you spent your money and alread have PE and not freedom like me that your penalized
                    I have literally spent thousands on donuts and need freedom and have been wanting to complete set for a long time and can’t so not cool
                    Hopefully if enough people figure out exactly who’s in box to flood they will add it
                    Any ideas please reply


  7. Hi I purchased the Presidential Estate last year. This year they are offering it with Freedom, is there a way I can buy Freedom by its self? Thanks


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