4th of July 2016 has landed!

Celebrate the 4th of July early now, as the 4th of July 2016 update has hit our town! The run for mayor has started in town, and you don’t wanna miss it. Join us soon for all the infos you’ll need on this new update! Happy tapping!
4thofJuly2016 One Panel4thofjuly2016-gil-deal
DO NOT buy the Pinwheel Firework from the store if you plan on getting only one. On 4th of July you’ll get one free!


  • End Date of the update: July 6th at 8am BST.
  • End date for Springfield National Park and Teddy Roosevelt: June 8th at 8am BST.
  • Kill Date for the quests: August 6th at 8am BST.
  • 4th of July Pinwheel Firework Giveaway: July 4th at 8am BST-July 5th at 8am GMT.

11 thoughts on “4th of July 2016 has landed!

  1. This is the second Gil deal to disappear and never resurface. EA need to lift their game.
    Not a happy vegemite 😩


  2. What is it with the Gil deals dissappearing?

    When this happened with the Duff Gardens EA kept saying that they were working on restoring it and they never did.


    1. try contacting them telling them you never got it and hopefully it’ll


  3. What comes with the teddy bear? What size is it? I bought one that looks similar but not sure it’s the same, does anyone know?


    1. Teddy bear? Do you mean President Theodore Roosevelt? Springfield National Park is 13×13 and looks loke abigger version of Springfield Falls. It has a nice animation when utilised


  4. TSTOaddictFOlife 06/29/2016 — 15:59

    I hope they fix it too. I mean didn’t this just happen a few weeks ago? If they don’t fix it, us addicts who collect-em-all are not going to be happy. I don’t understand all the meddling. Of course it’s cool when you see prizes pop up you thought would take longer to earn but we all know the rules at the start. If we don’t finish all the prizes that’s our fault. Addicts get rewarded and half assed players should have half assed towns. I will be patient but it’s hard because my crappy B town has Teddy and my awesome A town doesn’t.😒


  5. Hellohello6743 06/29/2016 — 14:42

    Anyone else have Gil’s deal disappear?


    1. Ordinarily Bob 06/29/2016 — 15:03

      Yes! I had to cancel because I was out of donuts. I bought more donuts, but now my Gil Deal is gone. I even searched all throughout my town (with everyone in the City Hall, and all but characters greyed out in edit mode), and couldn’t find Gil. I hope it gets fixed, I like collecting the Presidents!


    2. This is becoming a drag!


    3. Multi_Moo115 06/29/2016 — 17:59

      At least I’m not the only one. This is the First Gil deal I actually wanted. I’m mostly a freemium player, but I would have bought donuts just for this one.


  6. Also fixes the ridiculous social battles thing. I insta-unlocked STEM-antha, 500 Trading Cards and Gluteus, as the social battle prize milestones were calibrated down.
    One weird thing: there was a short talking discussion between Burns and Smithers about making a blockbuster (and drawing ideas from Google), which then gave me the quest task of ‘Unlock One Week Wonder Films.” But it came up as “Done” and the quest isn’t in my taskbook. I thought the recalibration might have pushed me all the way through to the end, but it hadn’t – I’m 7 battles away from unlocking Pie Man Epic Statue, which is social prize #7. These sort of “collect more X and unlock Y” quest/conversations typically come up when you’re in range of the next prize, so presumably it’s just jumped the gun and doesn’t mean that either a) I’ve actually unlocked it but not been awarded it, or b) it won’t unlock for me when I do get to #10.
    Glad they fixed the prize points.


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