Superheroes 2: Issue 2 Walkthrough

Quimby and Dr. Crab are together on something. Our heroes on the chase, looks like he’s at it again. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough on the Issue 2 of the Superheroes 2 event!

On June 28th, the second issue of the event starts, and Quimby is at it immediatly.

It requires Gun-Ho Style Pt. 3 to be completed.

Claw & Order Pt. 1

Auto starts

Quimby: Fellow citizens, I know you have been deeply damaged by recent events but I have good news.
Quimby: Dr. Vladimir Krabokov, eminent scientist, philanthropist, and er, president of the Crustacean Rights Advocacy Board to the rescue…
Quimby: …albeit backwards as crabs will do.
Dr. Crab: Thank you for ze introduction, Mayor Quimby. I am pleased to announce that I vill build my new factory, right here in Springfield.
Dr. Crab: We vill be making Soilant Red, a health drink made from… natural organic components.
Dr. Crab: I am convinced that you vill all love this new product… to death.

Build Soilant Red Factory
Task: Make Springfielders Apply for Jobs [x10]
Time: 4h
Location: Soilant Red Factory

Quimby: On a side note, Dr. Krabokov will be my new ah, Town Councillor, in charge of Vigilante Affairs.
Moe: Another Town Councillor?! What’s that gonna cost?
Quimby: Not a dime, Dr. Krabokov is volunteering.
Moe: I don’t trust people who help out for free. Something creepy about that.
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 2

Auto starts

Narrator: Meanwhile, our heroes are reflecting on the latest turn of events…
Fallout Boy: Dr. Crab, posing as a good Samaritan philanthropist? A super villain using a big heart for evil… it’s brilliant! I think.
Pie Man: That big heart of his was pretty friendly to me… and his new health drink sounds tasty. Or as tasty as a disgusting health drink could taste.

Task: Tap Criminals in Springfield [x5]

Pie Man: Hm. This Soilant Red tastes really good!
Fallout Boy: Drop that bottle now! Good or bad, never ingest anything that comes from a crab!

Claw & Order Pt. 3

Auto starts

Dr. Crab: Mayor Quimby, I may have a zolution to your vigilante problem.
Dr. Crab: A registration act vill force vigilantes to register vith the city. Zen you vill know everything about them! Including their shoe sizes! Very important!
Quimby: I love this idea. I’ll expedite a ballot initiative. One ballot box for the YES’s and a shredder for the er, NO’S

Task: Reach Level 20 and Build the Town Hall
Task: Make Springfielders Vote on the Registration Act [x8]
Task: Make Quimby shred… er suppress the “No’s”
Time: 2h
Location: Town Hall

Fallout Boy: Dr. Crab opening a factory and now Quimby passing a registration act. There’s something very fishy about it all.
Fallout Boy: Pie Man, Clownface, where are you going?
Clownface: To the Town Hall. This is no laughing matter. We have ‘til midnight to register.
Fallout Boy: No! That would be the end of us. Superheroes NEVER give up, NEVER surrender and NEVER, EVER register for anything. It will just bring unwanted junk mail!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 4

Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Kent Brockman here at the Soilant Red factory with Dr. Krabokov, for an exclusive announcement.
Dr. Crab: We have been vorking very hard to put an end to zis vigilante situation in Springfield. Today I am announcing ze creation of ze Cape Busters, Springfield’s new security team.
Felon: We’ll be collaring criminals on Springfield’s streets, especially unregistered vigilantes!
Dr. Crab: And for your safety we are asking anyone older than 2 and younger than 102 to vacate the streets betveen 7p.m. and 6a.m. 1 year olds, ze night is yours!

Task: Make the Squad Train Harder than Ever [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: Burns’ Summer Mansion
Characters: Maggie, Lisa, Homer, Fallout Boy, Bart, Citizen Solar, Wind Lad, Radioactive Man, Plopper, Mr. Burns, Snake, Comic Book Guy, Charcoal Briquette, Old King Coal, Krusty, The Fracker, Petroleus Rex, The Scout Master, Dr. Colossus, The Collider
Task: Make Youngsters Ignore the Curfew
Time: 1h

On job 1 start:
Fallout Boy: It’s all starting to make sense… He forces us to register. Then he legitimizes his felons by making them a part of a city protection plan.
Clownface: Are you saying that Dr. Crab–
Fallout Boy: …yes, exactly. The bad guys we’ve been fighting until now? They’re working for him!
Fallout Boy: And with his curfew he’ll prevent anyone from sneaking around and discovering his malicious activities!

On job 2 start:
Bart: Curfew?! No Crab is telling me when I can play outside. If an overprotective mom and a fat dad can’t do it, no one can!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 5

Auto starts

Pie Man: Fallout Boy, where are you going? It’s after 7p.m.
Fallout Boy: Pack your pie to go, Pie Man. This may be the only way to save our city.

Task: Battle Felon Groups [x2]
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 6

Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Once again, I find myself standing next to Dr. Krabokov, for yet ANOTHER announcement.
Dr. Crab: You vill be delighted to hear that as of today, Soilant Red vill be available everywhere in town.
Dr. Crab: Our product has also been infused vith amazing new bifidotransformium crustacea, which vill make you as healthy as a crab. Yes, crabs are supremely healthy.

Task: Make Moe Sell Soilant Red On Tap
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Apu Sell Soilant Red Squishee
Time: 8h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
Task: Make Skinner Order Soilant Red Vending Machines
Time: 8h
Location: Springfield Elementary

Moe: This new Soilant Red Beer is doing gangbusters! I’m watering it down and I’m still already out!
Barney: It’s cheap too! HIC… I’m getting the biggest burp for my buck… HIC…
Apu: It’s so popular, I can’t keep my Splashin’ Berry Soilant Red Squishee machine full!
Skinner: Lunch Lady Dora tells me we’re already out of the bacon-flavored Soilant Red Chewbies. And those were for dogs!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 7

Auto starts

Quimby: Our reservoirs are full now that Springfielders prefer the taste of Soilant Red to water from God knows where.
Dr. Crab: Mwahahaha. They actually zink it’s healthier than Springfield Springs water.
Dr. Crab: Vich it is. Za spring vater bubbles up from a nearby dog kennel. Time to replace za old vater pipes vith Soilant Red pipes. Ve’ll make millions!
Quimby: I’ll have my non-choo-choo engineers start working on a plan.

Task: Make Quimby Work on a Soilant Red Supply Network Plan
Time: 12h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Make Springfielders Eat Algae [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger
Task: Make Springfielders Burrow in the Sand [x4]
Time: 12h
Location: Squidport Entrance

Lisa: Dad, look at those Junior Campers! They’re marching sideways and using their hands like pincers.
Fallout Boy: And their antennae sensing our every movement…
Fallout Boy: Holy Chesapeake Bay! Could it be that they’re slowly turning into… crabs?
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 8

Auto starts

Fallout Boy: It’s easy to say people are turning into crabs… now we need to prove it.
Clownface: Whaddaya suggest? Break into the Soilant Red factory?
Fallout Boy: Exactly. We’re going to steal some samples. But we need a diversion.

Task: Make Pie Man Distract the Security Officers
Task: Make Fallout Boy Steal Some Samples
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall

Fallout Boy: We got everything we needed! Easy as pie–
Pie Man: Thpeak for yourthelf!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 9

Auto starts

Fallout Boy: Let’s head back to the mansion and analyze the samples.
Pie Man: Food samples… like the ones you get free at the supermarket? That’s what we endangered our lives for?!
Fallout Boy: Have you ever been rammed by voracious shoppers’ grocery carts? Supermarket samples are no cake walk.

Task: Make Fallout Boy Analyze the Stolen Samples
Task: Make Lisa Draw Conclusions
Task: Make Pie Man Fantasize on Food Samples
Time: 8h
Location: Burns’ Summer Mansion

Fallout Boy: These samples contain a very high level of brachyura mRNA as well as an adeno-virus… and some brown sugar.
Lisa: … Soilant Red is a gene therapy! It’s using a viral carrier to rewrite the DNA of the subjects.
Pie Man: Easy for you to say.
Lisa: It’s actually turning people into crabs dad, from the inside out.
Pie Man: Ewww…
Pie Man: Mmmm… inside out crab.
Fallout Boy: We can’t let Quimby and Dr. Crab build their Soilant Red Network. If we don’t stop them, all of Springfield will turn!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 10

Auto starts

Fallout Boy: Pie Man, we’re breaking into Town Hall, we need you to distract the Mayor’s secretary…
Pie Man: I have a special recipe for secretaries! Okay… I just have one recipe. But it works every time.

Task: Make Pie Man Distract the Mayor’s Secretary
Task: Make Fallout Boy Steal the Soilant Red Supply Network Plans
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall

Pie Man: Turns out the Mayor’s secretary is on a low-sugar diet. The bane of a sweet superhero like me.
Fallout Boy: If it makes you feel better, we still got the plans!
Fallout Boy: Now we just have to release our findings and convince the town that Dr. Crab is truly evil.
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

Claw & Order Pt. 11

Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Tonight on Channel *CLICK* we have Fallout Boy, member of the infamous Squad…
Fallout Boy: Citizens of Springfield, I am here to reveal the horrible truth about Dr. Krabokov. He’s posing as a good Samaritan but secretly plotting to control this city!
Fallout Boy: Worst of all, he’s turning you all into crabs with his Soilant Red products!
Moe: This is a buncha *CLICK* bull! He wouldn’t know his carapace from his cheliped!
Skinner: Yeah, *CLICK* Dr. Krabokov has got a good heart and gills! He’s done wonders for *CLICK* Springfield!
Fallout Boy: Uh oh, they’ve obviously been brainwashed with Dr. Crab’s seawater. I need to make an escape before things get ugly.

Task: Make Fallout Boy Perform a Get Away
Time: 4h
Location: Burns’ Summer Mansion

Lisa: Dr. Crab is a highly evolved crustacean…
Fallout Boy: And he’s turning all of Springfield into the one thing a crab can control – other crabs!
Lisa: Seems highly unlikely… except for the fact that this is Springfield. So it’s safe to say… AAAAGGGHHH!
System Message: What will happen to our heroes in hiding? Will they ever find a way to stop Dr. Crab’s evil scheme? Find out on July 12th once the final issue of this superheroes becomes available!
System Message: Meanwhile, keep fighting Felons and Criminals to unlock more cool prizes!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 100 Event Currency

The story is thicking. Whatever is going to happen? Let’s find out together in the last act of the event on July 12th!

On June 30th, after a Server Update, an option to do quick battles is added to the game. Quicker but without much strategy.

Quick Battles

Auto starts

Lisa: There’s been so much fighting… Can an eight year-old girl really be desensitized to violence?
Pie Man: But if we don’t fight these felons the whole town will be overrun.
Lisa: Maybe I can keep my wits, if I’m not being forced to sit and watch it all.

Task: Use the Quick Battle Button

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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