4th of July 2016 Walkthrough: The Barbarian Candidate and 4th of July Giveaway

It’s time to vote for who is going to be the new may- president? of Springfield. Who’s going to be the successor to Quimby? Find out right after the jump for the walkthrough of the 4th of July 2016 Event.

On November 29th, the quest for Mayor begins!

The Barbarian Candidate Pt. 1

Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Mayor Joe Quimby reaches the end of his ninth term of office today…
Kent Brockman: …amid accusations that he MAY have violated Springfield’s “One and Done” term limit legislation…
Kent Brockman: …as well as the “Time to Go, Joe” Act and the more recent “Mayor Quimby We Are Talking to You Please Just Leave” Referendum.
Kent Brockman: In light of these charges, Mayor Quimby has graciously agreed to be dragged kicking and screaming from his office.
Kent Brockman: Who will the new Mayor be? Let’s meet the candidates!

Task: Make Springfielders Compete for Mayoral Candidacy [x5]
Time: 1h
Location: Town Hall or Simpson House

Dr. Hibbert: My fellow Springfielders, you all know me to be a man of character. A man of faith. And above all, a doctor who is loose with his Oxycontin prescriptions.
Dr. Hibbert: And if I become Mayor, I will be so distracted with political stuff, I’ll probably get even looser with the Oxy. I’m talking LOOOOOOSE.
Lindsey Naegle: I will make Springfield the most business-friendly city in America.
Lindsey Naegle: Businesses are gonna love us, and take care of us, and call us beautiful, and keep us warm all night long.
Ned: The only job of a Mayor is to be fair, honest, and transparent.
Ned: And to introduce a series of “religious freedom” bills that let us discriminate against people who aren’t exactly like us. Which I will definitely do.

The Barbarian Candidate Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: What!? Flanders is running for President of Springfield?
Lisa: Not for President — for Mayor.
Homer: Phew. If there’s one thing Springfield DOESN’T need, it’s President Stupid Flanders.
Lisa: Dad… Springfield doesn’t have a President.
Homer: We don’t?! Then THAT must be Flanders’ plan — run for mayor, win the election, then step into the empty President position and be President of Springfield!
System Message: There may not be a President OF Springfield but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a President IN Springfield. Check out the store to get yourself one!

Task: Make Lisa Plan Homer’s Campaign
Time: 30s
Location: Simpson Home

The Barbarian Candidate Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: Citizens of Springfield! Too long have we cowered under the threat of a President Flanders.
Lisa: Mayor.
Homer: This country–
Lisa: –city–
Homer: –cannot afford to elect a President–
Lisa: –MAYOR!–
Homer: –with such a dangerously annoying personality. #NeverFlanders #HitAHomer
Homer: If you will give me your vote, I will make any campaign promise you like.
Homer: Is it impossible? I promise to do it! Is it immoral, illegal, disturbing? You have my word it will be done!
Homer: Does my promise to you directly contradict a promise I made to someone else? Both will be done! I promise!
Lenny: Will you allow me to openly carry guns upon my person, and upon the persons of others?
Homer: Yes!
Carl: Will you land a man on the sun in this decade?
Homer: You betcha!

Task: Make Homer Make Campaign Promises
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall, Power Plant or Simpson House

The Barbarian Candidate Pt. 4

Ned starts

Ned: Hi-diddly-ho, political rival-rino! I hear we’re gonna be ballot buddies!
Homer: Going door-to-door to talk to the people of Springfield, Stupid Flanders?
Ned: Only way to spread the word, right, pal?
Homer: Not for me! I’ve got a whole army of volunteer college kids to spread my message.
Homer: College kids. You say words like “Wall Street” and “hope” and “climate change,” and they’ll canvas ‘til their feet bleed.
Homer: Well, that’s what you get for believing things can ever get better. They’ll learn!

Task: Make Ned Campaign for the Election
Time: 3h
Location: Town Hall, Springfield Elementary or Brown House
Task: Make Homer’s Aides Campaign for the Election [x3]
Time: 3h
Location: Town Hall, Springfield Elementary or Brown House
Characters: Marge, Lenny, Carl, Apu

The Barbarian Candidate Pt. 5

Homer starts

Kent Brockman: Kent Brockman here, reporting from the First Mayoral Debate.
Kent Brockman: Tonight’s debate is sponsored by Homer for Mayor, 2016! Remember folks: vote Homer. Flanders is a tool.
Kent Brockman: That really doesn’t seem ethical, does it? Allowing one of the candidates to sponsor the debate?
Kent Brockman: This just in. I am being handed an envelope by one of my producers. Said envelope is stuffed with cash, in the amount of…
Kent Brockman: …
Kent Brockman: As I was saying! Tonight’s debate is brought to you by Homer for Mayor, 2016!

Task: Make Ned Attend the Mayoral Debate
Task: Make Homer Attend the Mayoral Debate
Time: 30s
Location: Town Hall, Springfield Elementary or Simpson House

On job start:
Ned: If I am your Mayor, I promise you my door will always be open. I will balance the budget, eliminate graft and corruption, improve our schools–
Ned: Homer? Were you saying something?
Homer: *whistling innocently* …
Ned: All righty. As I was saying… Good, responsible governance isn’t just–
Ned: …
Homer: *whistling innocently* …
Ned: Homer, do you expect people to believe you’ll give them an eagle if they vote for you?
Ned: I have to believe the good people of Springfield are too smart to–
Willie: Three cheers for free eagles!
Wiggum: Everybody clear a path. I want to shoot Moustache Guy before he convinces Eagle Guy not to give us eagles!

The Barbarian Candidate Pt. 6

Homer starts

Kent Brockman: The votes are in and our new mayor is… Homer J. Simpson!
Homer: Woohoo! In your face, Flanders!
Kent Brockman: We go now to City Hall, where Mayor-Elect Simpson will sign his name into Springfield’s Big Book of Mayors, thus beginning his term of office.
Homer: Paperwork? No one told me this desk job would come with paperwork!

Task: Make Homer Avoid Paperwork
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson Home

Kent Brockman: Today marks one month that Mayor-Elect Homer Simpson has refused to sign the Big Book of Mayors.
Kent Brockman: Instead, he just wanders around town, performing “jobs” like drinking at Moe’s Tavern and lounging in a kiddie pool.
Kent Brockman: How these tasks constitute gainful employment, this reporter cannot say.
Kent Brockman: But as stipulated in the Convenient Plot Device Act of 1892, should the Mayor-Elect fail to sign into the Big Book, after one month the title of Mayor reverts to the previous owner.
Kent Brockman: Therefore, our Mayor is once again Joe Quimby.
Kent Brockman: Hey, that WAS a convenient plot device!
System Message: Looks like Homer no longer needs all those eagles he ordered. Here you go!

At the end of the questline, Squawky unlocks for free!

On July 4th, a little text gives you a Pinwheel Firework for free to celebrate the 4th of July!

July 4th Giveaway

Auto starts

System Message: Seems like you could do with some help in setting up your own Fireworks display! Happy 4th of July!
Quest Reward: Pinwheel Firework

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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