What Changed With the Superheroes 2 Patch 4 and Server Updates? (June 30th)

A new patch for the Superheroes 2 event has just hit. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
Note: A server update was released later that day.

Superheroes 2’s Lay Low’s time was changed from 24 hours to 4 hours.

Superheroes 2’s Train Harder than Ever, Infiltrate the Soilant Red Factory and Check Out Mylar Baggins’s times were changed from 8 hours to 4 hours.


Superheroes 2’s Eat Algae, Sabotage the Security System and Protest the Lack of Lasers’s times were changed from 12 hours to 4 hours.

Free rush once the job is almost over for multiple character tasks taking Donuts rushing another character instead of the finishing one was fixed. It affect the following Superheroes 2 jobs: Lay Low, Apply for Jobs, Vote on the Registration Act, Train Harder than Ever, Eat Algae, Sneak Crab Juice Into Food, Sabotage the Squishee Machine, Tamper With All the Food, Sabotage the Security System, Infiltrate the Soilant Red Factory, Binge on Lobster Meat, Protest the Lack of Lasers, Listen Intently and Check Out Mylar Baggins.


Quick Battles System Message was changed from “Important tip: The quick battle button will fast forward time but won’t make strategic decisions along the way.” to “Important tip: In a quick battle Fighters will attack each other until one team is defeated, no switches or heals will be used.”


Claw & Order Pt. 4’s Make Youngsters Ignore the Curfew now requires only 1 youngster to do the job instead of 5.


A server update was released later the same day.

Quick Battles were enabled instead of the previous set start day, July 3rd.


Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


22 thoughts on “What Changed With the Superheroes 2 Patch 4 and Server Updates? (June 30th)

  1. Latigreblue 07/02/2016 — 11:04

    Hi Everyone. I finished 25 social battles and they said that the trading card box was put in my inventory but it’s really not there. The number of my trading cards has not increased either. Did I do something wrong or should I report it as a glitch? Thanks.


    1. Did you try to go to krustyland or friend screen? Did you search the whole inventary instead of sections?


  2. Rarekitten01 07/01/2016 — 23:45

    Anyone else having trouble with the social battle clock? It’s been way more than 24 hours and I’m still getting the “Captain Greedy” thing.


      1. Rarekitten01 07/03/2016 — 01:05

        Yes. But it seems to have sorted itself out now after a tried and true visit to Krustyland.


  3. Did they fix the glitch that you can’t rotate the Soylent Red Factory?


    1. it’s not a glitch. it’s how it is. the flipped image doesn’t even exist


      1. I didn’t mean a “glitch” per se, but something neglected by the developers. I can’t think of another single object that doesn’t allow us to flip or rotate it. As soon as this event is over, it’s going into my inventory.


        1. Stone cutters table can’t be rotated.


          1. Yeah that also doesnt have a flipped image


            1. You don’t need a flipped image. Just put the pixels in reversed order an Bob is your uncle.


            2. The Stonecutter’s table can’t be flipped? Mine can. Check again yours again?


              1. u’re thinking about the thanksgiving one


                1. Nope, the Stonecutter’s table. I have kept all items from that event in the near vicinity of the Stonecutter’s Lodge. It’s the long table with the tankards. Maybe you couldn’t flip it long ago, but it can be flipped now. See for yourself.


  4. 4miss4buttons 06/30/2016 — 23:37

    Quick question: is the aqua wharf building available to craft in issue 2 the same one available for 40 donuts? They look identical from what I can tell. Thanks in advance!


    1. they’re not it’s a mistake by ea who used the same file by mistake


  5. Works with moon bounce and trick or treat bed too!


  6. Your right, but the task on the Open Air Stage in invisible!!! I love to see The Be Sharps and The Skinner Sisters perform. That’s why I bought that stage!


  7. Still no fix for jobs on The Open Air Stage. If you send characters to the stage, they will leave it. The task is still running, but the characters you send are free for a second task.


    1. and that’s not a bad glitch so it’s ok


      1. No, it isn’t ok. It needs to be fixed. I didn’t buy that so can’t see anyone on stage.

        Liked by 1 person

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