Superheroes 2: Last 24 hours for limited time items and new items added to the shop

New items are available in the store: The Collider and Super Jeb, while others will leave it in 24 hours: Crap Silo with Plopper and Burns State Prison.
Note: If you don’t plan to buy Death Mountain with Dr. Colossus in Issue 3, don’t buy The Collider. He won’t have questline and jobs unlocked due to them requiring Death Mountain and Dr. Collosus, the prizes that were before him last year!


6 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Last 24 hours for limited time items and new items added to the shop

  1. Name (required) 07/03/2016 — 16:36

    How to unlock Clownface’s jobs?


    1. hopefully they fix it after the event, cause they need the questline from last year atm 😦


  2. 3Ravenglass 07/03/2016 — 14:38

    Clownface costume has the same problem, most of his jobs are locked. At least that was free though. Would getting Death Mountain start his questline too? I did buy the bank from last year but that didn’t start the questline.


    1. the bank’s problem is the questline was linked completely to the questline. yes building DM will cause the quest starts once you build it.


  3. I just bought the Collider but I only have one 60 min job available. No quest line has been triggered either so it’s not asking me to do that 60min job either. Just a glitch or maybe I need something more coming from issue 3? I don’t have death mountain or dr collosus from last superhero event, but that shouldn’t matter to at least start some quest line right? Why would they release Collider again then alone if so?



    1. the collider apparently needs death mountain (released in issue 3) with Dr. Colossus (he’s with DM) to do his questline and that’s 120 donuts. What is ea thinking!!!


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