Item Overview: Milo & Coolsville

milcoolHello fellow tappers! Superheroes 2 hit our games and Issue 2 is coming to an end. With Springfield gone super (again!) it means all new quests, dialogue, prizes and items meaning more overviews for us! These posts are designed to help you understand all the information you need to help you make your decision on whether you should spend your special sprinklies on getting it.

Milo and Coolsville is a character and building combo which hit on the 5th of July as designated in the files. Read on for more information about this combo …

Combo Fact File:

Combo: Milo and Coolsville

Combo price: 150 donuts

Leaves games: 16th July

Character: Milo

Unlock Screen: Now I hope you all like Korean Pop Covers of Tom Jones songs!

Milo UnlockCharacter collection: Business Owner


Building: Coolsville

Dimensions: 4 times 8

Payout: 20 sidebar_superheroes2_tradingcardstrading cards every 8hrs

Permanent tasks:

Task Time Payout
Text His Girlfriend 1hr $105 and 26XP
Give Out Japanese Hard Candy
4hrs $260 and 70XP
Respect Customer’s Opinions 8hrs $420 and 105xp
Fix Ripped Off Comics 12hrs $600 and 150XP
Sing K-Pop Covers
24hrs $1,000 and 225XP

Should you buy it?

In my opinion this is a good buy as it comes with a good questline with Comic Book Guy which relates to Milo’s main episode (“Husbands and Knives”) and I like his animations. However this is a very high price for a minor character in the show and I wouldn’t recommend getting this if you are freemium and work hard for those sprinklies unless you really want it.

He is a funny character and the fact that it pays out trading cards was a bonus for me as it meant it is easier to gain crafting items meaning more fun items for the game. The building does light up when in use but this isn’t really a bonus for me.

IMG_6547Final Verdict

Although this is a fun character I wouldn’t recommend getting this combo unless you really want it. If you do really want it then you won’t regret the purchase as it is a fun addition to the game.

So there is the rundown of the Milo and Coolsville combo. Confused about why this is in the event? Did you get it in the end? Any item(s) that you really want an overview for? Like any of Milo’s tasks? Tell us below as we love hearing from you! Happy tapping …



2 thoughts on “Item Overview: Milo & Coolsville

  1. Thanks for the opinions, Happy Tapper! I’m mostly freemium but got a bunch of donuts with the new levels and have been spending donuts like crazy lately, so this helps bring me back to earth. Still on the fence, but appreciate the expensive-but-won’t-regret-it angle. Great write up!


  2. Don’t need to post this, just a note: You might want to edit the article and actually add the date in the opening paragraphs where it says (enter date here)


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