Superheroes 2: Bartman vs Radioactive Man is on!

Radioactive Man, Kane Manor, Bartman and Bartman Cave are back in the shop early! Get them now and get ready for more superheroes action!
Note: If you don’t have any of the items, the bundle includes: Bartman skin for Bart, Radioactive Man, Kane Manor and Bartman Cave for 230 Donuts.


14 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Bartman vs Radioactive Man is on!

  1. I cant find him either, and kane mansion is placed


    1. find who? did you check inventory?


  2. TheRealTiminator 07/10/2016 — 16:14

    Will Radioactive Man actually have something to do in Issue 3?
    So far Dr Collossus, The Collider & him have not had any missions, or any part to play other than fighting in felon battles, they’re not even able to work towards upgrading the Summer Mansion.
    If they don’t play any active role in Issue 3, it would be a disappointing purchase for anybody who didn’t get them 1st time round.


    1. Rad.Man and Bartman can do their part in the SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT boss fight


  3. Are they worth the donuts? At the end bartman is another custum and 230 for radioactive man is too much


    1. Read description 😉 its rad man bartman kane manor and bartman cave for 230


      1. Yeah i know but the question is is it worth it


        1. seems to be. for that price. happytapper should do one article about it soon


          1. Ill be looking forward to it then thanks


  4. Will Radioactive Man still be able to be bought separately or do we have to buy the bundle? Currently, I can buy all 4 things for 230 donuts, but none of them individually!


    1. You can only buy them individually if you already have one of the four items.
      Bartman 60 D, Radioactive Man 60 D, Kane Manor 55 D, Bartman Cave 55 D


      1. That sucks 😦

        No Radioactive Man for me!


  5. I bought both at 230 but I can’t find radioactive man! Do i need to complete bartman task before I can see radioactive man?


    1. Did you place Kane manor


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