Superheroes 2: Issue 2 Premium Walkthrough Part 2

Two comic book store guys fighting, comics flying around, for the battle of the nerd, right after the jump in the Coolsville & Milo premium walkthrough! And don’t forget the return of the Platinum Scracth-R!
issue 2

On June 28th, the Platinum Scratch-R returns, once again, for the first time. It’ll return on July 20th too!

TSTO Platinum Scratch-R
Platinum Scratch-R Pt. 1

Auto starts on June 28th

Apu: By the many arms of Vishnu! These Superhero fights are destroying my store! Where am I going to get the money to fix it?
Apu: Maybe there’s something I can sell in the basement. I found that skeleton once that the medical school made me a pretty rupee for!
Apu: Look at that… a platinum Scratch-R! Stuck to a box of wieners from 1957. I should sell this!
Apu: …and quickly adjust the expiration date on this box.

A Flash of Two Nerds Pt. 1

Milo starts

Milo: Ah, it’s great to be back in this nerd loving city.
Comic Book Guy: Do we really need another comic book store in this town?
Quimby: Competition leads to lower prices. This does not apply to government contracts.
Milo: I’m going to step up the game in the comic book business.

Task: Make Milo Give out Japanese Hard Candy
Time: 4h

A Flash of Two Nerds Pt. 2

Comic Book Guy starts

Comic Book Guy: I can’t let this interloper steal my customer base. I must do the one thing I hate the most…
Comic Book Guy: …a promotional sale.

Task: Make Comic Book Guy Implement Promotional Prices
Time: 8h
Location: Android’s Dungeon

Milo: Android’s Dungeon puts on a sale before I can even hang my “open-abierto” sign?!
Milo: There’s only one way to retaliate…

A Flash of Two Nerds Pt. 3

Milo starts

Milo: A better promotional sale!
Milo: 25% off of everything opening sale!

Task: Make Milo Mark Everything 25% Off
Time: 8h
Location: Coolsville

Comic Book Guy: He’s putting everything on sale!?! This means war.

A Flash of Two Nerds Pt. 4

Comic Book Guy starts

Comic Book Guy: Calling all tiny comic book nerds! What type of sale do you desire?
Bart: You want OUR sales advice?
Comic Book Guy: I hate myself for listening to my customers, but yes.
Milhouse: Buy one get one free!

Task: Make Comic Book Guy Start a Buy One Get One Free Sale
Time: 12h
Location: Android’s Dungeon

A Flash of Two Nerds Pt. 5

Milo starts

Milo: Buy one get one free?! I’ll better that — 50% off everything.
Comic Book Guy: No bonus?! I can beat that – buy any comic, get the whole series free!
Milo: A whole series? How about a free crisp $50 for entering my store!
Comic Book Guy: Free limited edition, one of a kind memorabilia with every purchase!
Milo: One of whatever you want with any sized purchase!

Task: Make Comic Book Guy Have Unreasonable Promotions
Time: 24h
Location: Android’s Dungeon
Task: Make Milo Have Unreasonable Sales
Time: 24h
Location: Coolsville

A Flash of Two Nerds Pt. 6

Milo starts

Milo: This is getting out of hand. I can’t afford to keep this up.
Milo: I’m going to have to confront Comic Book Guy about this, or we’ll both go out of business.

Task: Make Milo Confront Comic Book Guy
Time: 12h
Location: Android’s Dungeon

Milo: Whoa, you gave away a one-of-a-kind Radioactive Man misprint figurine?
Milo: I had to give away my personal copy of my favorite comic, Busman.
Comic Book Guy: Eegads! You had a copy of Busman? (SIGH) We’ve both had it rough, haven’t we?
Comic Book Guy: How about we call a truce to this business dispute, Milo?
Milo: Milo? Does this mean I can call you Jeff?
Comic Book Guy: No.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping.


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