MITS: S1 Ep8 – The Last Sum

You may be sad or happy to know that this will be the last post in the topic MITS (Maths In The Simpsons)! You can find the roundup of all the MITS posts by clicking here. For the final I wanted to give you an extended fun “challenge” with a rundown of my favourite mathematical episodes that you can go away, watch and maybe see if you can unwrap any of the hidden jokes or themes.

It is better then one post because I to fill in the gap of the MITS post maybe you will watch a maths episode every Monday. At the end of each episode I will include a Episode Maths Challenge for you to go and research. So read on to get the rundown …


Girls just want to have sums (S17 Ep19)

An episode with feminist and mathematical themes with references throughout! Lisa dresses up as a boy to prove that Girls are just as smart as boys when the school put her down for her gender! A really strong episode that included a funny snowman joke.

Episode Maths Challenge: Try and work out the area of the snowman

If you are lazy then Lisa shouts the answer out in the episode!

Mathlete’s Feat (S26 Ep22)

A Tie-In was released for this season finale of Season 26 as wasn’t received with good reviews. I listed it here due to the mathematical plot. A group of Mathletes, lead and grouped by Willie, compete against Waverly Hills Elementary.  A really helpful, and detailed, Episode Fact File was done on the episode that can be found here.


Episode Maths Challenge: Work out what the Mathlete’s t-shirt mean

Bart the Genius (S1 Ep2)

The second episode of the first season of the Simpsons is a true classic and filled with maths references. I did a MITS post on it and the many maths references that can be found there.


Episode Maths “Challenge” Not really a challenge:  Read the second MITS post

The Wizard of Everygreen Terrace (S10 Ep2)

Homer attempts to follow in Edison’s footsteps and become an inventor. This is the episode with the famous mathematical filled blackboard. I did a MITS post explaining fully the meaning behind the blackboard.

This featured in "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" when Homer was inspired by Thomas Edison to create inventions!

Episode Maths “Challenge”:  Read the third MITS post and research anything that doesn’t make sense (or ask me in the comments)

Treehouse of Horror VI (S21 Ep6)

More specifically watch the short story Homer3 but you might as well treat yourself to watch the whole episode whilst you are at it. The short story Homer3 is very heavy with mathematical references and fun. At that time the fact that the majority of the story was set in … 3D … was amazing! In the 3D world a lot of equations float past Homer which have a funny mathematical encoding.


Episode Maths Challenge: Research what the equations mean

Clue: You will need to research ASCII to understand one part!

So there is the rundown of 5 mathmatical episodes to go and watch. Please try the challenges and then tell me your progress in the comments. Have you enjoyed the series? Any maths episodes that I missed? Any mathematical jokes you want explained? Tell us below. Happy Tapping …


5 thoughts on “MITS: S1 Ep8 – The Last Sum

  1. I have enjoyed the series. why is it ending? my comments never get printed even though I’m logged in to my WordPress account so I’ve been hitting like. sorry it’s ending


    1. Reasons why it is ending:

      1) Lack of much interest in TopiX audience! I know there are a few that love the series but a lot of work goes behind the scenes!
      2) Lack of content – even though there is still quite a bit more to write about there isn’t enough to make it enthusiastic if you get what I mean?
      3) Hard Work: It is very demanding to write good content weekly especially with me being very at the moment! It is a lot easier to do posts whenever I want etc but having a schedule (every Monday) is demanding yet good challenge!

      You never know: I might bring it back! If you get enough ‘signatures’ then I will definitely consider bringing it back 😁


      1. Totally understand, but still sad to see it end. I have a BS in math and a MS in stat. There is also lots of mathy goodness in futurama.


        1. Thanks for the interest, if I find enough content for another series I will restart it and maybe do a few Futurama episodes being a big Futurama fan (but don’t want people thinking they are irrelevant – because they kind off are)!


    2. Topix applies moderation of all comment. Nothing will show unless it is approved. This to avoid spam, unrelated or offensive comments.
      We are not on 24/7 so sometimes it takes a while before comments are approved (and/or answered)


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