Login issues in the game [Solved]

EA has done something bad: it seems they joined Pokémon Go’s servers.
Jokes aside, Origin server is down and it’s impossible to login ingame.
Update: The issue is now solved and we can login in the game normally.

Animation on Fox just posted a video an hour ago showing Homer playing Pokémon Go, the new app by Niantic, where you can catch Pokémon around the world in real life, that has become popular in this days.

This scene is a modified version of the scene in Labor Pains, an episode in the Season 25 of the show.

But now, a big issue has occured over in the game.

Pokémon Go is notoriously having big problems with the server (expecially this afternoon) and showing this screen to its users:


While Pokémon Go’s problems are now solved, EA just got this big issue: users can’t login to the game after recieving a kick out.


This is happening because Origin’s server is offline.


It’s possible the group that DDOSsed Pokémon Go’s servers, did in fact DDOS Origin’s server.

2016-07-16_22-25-15 2016-07-16_22-25-48

Update: An EA forum member just posted this:
“Spoke to EA. They are aware and hoping this can be fixed within a few hours. Major issue though as the servers are down for many EA games. They can’t guarantee fix time, but people have been called in to work on the weekend.”

Update 2: The message just changed to reflect the Origin server going down.


Whenever the problem is fixed or we’ve more informations, we’ll update this post. In the meantime have a good evening. LetsPlayNintendoITA out.


14 thoughts on “Login issues in the game [Solved]

  1. (expecially this afternoon)



  2. So I played Pocket Morty for 1/2 the day due to EA/Origin’s buffoonery …. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last ….Fortunately, I’m caught up enough that I will be fine during Heroes 2 Event …. Some Tappers may not be so fortunate (each time EA/Origin screws up? I lose neighboreenos – and for that there is no excuse!)


  3. I finally got to the point where I could sign in to my EA account, but now I keep getting a message that my password is incorrect. I reset my password but it didn’t help. Is this still a problem on EA’s end or is there something I can do about it?


    1. try contacting them with the link under the banner


  4. I wish they would fix Family Guy when I go into my game it just close and I’m over it


    1. FG TQFS is not EA it’s tinyco 😉


  5. Just tried to connect and my game is back, i can go into my Springfield and play 🙂


  6. Arg. The prizes in act 3 are so ecpensive too. I will loose 2,000 crab juice cans minimum tonight alone. My whole schedule goes out of the window. I will be unhappy if i don’t get to earn all of act 3 prizes.. thanks for the info.


  7. I was about to get Maggie’s outfit way to go EA need to change the out put on the Simpsons Heros 2 by decreasing the amount to get the prizes for this


    1. it’s back. it wasn’t even an hour lost


  8. Thank you for the information


  9. Thanks for the info, was thinking it was a problem with my phone. Still frustrating as an obsessive player, but hopefully they’ll be working like beavers to fix it. And there’s always a chance of a gift from EA after a major game problem (g) 🍩🍩🍩;-)


  10. Laughing my ass off !! Pokemon !! That’s funny !!


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