Item Overview: The Scout Master

First of all, I would like to apologise for a lack of overview posts due to busyness and a recent illness. Life seems to have cleared up so more posts coming your way!

Poor fingers tired from tapping, saving Springfield from felons? Criminals frequently told whose boss with a tap? Yes, superheroes is back with a first time sequel event! I wonder what other sequel events they could do? Lets leave that toa  seperate post … meaning more prizes, quests and items in the store.

Items range from the bargains, priceys, funny to the weird. In the post we explore my newly awarded funniest character in Tapped Out history! Yes the Scoutmaster has arrived in our games.

Read on ..


When I heard about The Scoutsmaster joining our games I was disappointed to be honest. Kind off annoyed that EA would add character’s appeared in tiny clips but not reccuring character’s throughout seasons (*cough*Wendell Borton*cough*).

I was confused about why you would buy this item! But, with donuts burning a hole in my pocket and a no other items exciting my eyes I decided to grab him. I don’t regret it but for a longer explanation, and for other perspectives read on.

Character Infomation

The Scout Master

Price: 100 donuts

Unlock Screen:

The Scout Master Unlock

Character Collection:


Animated tasks: yes – he has two hilarious animated tasks

4h: Sell Organic Cookies


24h: Start a Campfire


Extra notes: he is voiced!

Origins: He’s one of Radioactive Man’s villains in the episode Radioactive Man. He is also present in the comic story Crisis of Discontinuous Continuities!

Should you buy him? Opinions …

As I said above, I don’t regret buying him but I still have a lot of donuts left and I appreciate freemium players may buy this and be left with an empty donut bank so regret the decision.

It is a hilarious character that I love seeing walk around town, constantly on one of his funny animations. He can fight as a brain fighter and trust me on saying that his battle animations are the best. The voice is just amazing!

Final Verdict
Due to there being many perspectives with a different conclusion on each I set it out differently…

Freemium Players:

I would hold off the donuts on this one, unless you love this character and will have some left over sprinkles after the purchase, because 100 donuts is pretty pricy for a stand-alone character that appeared in one clip.

Premium players:

Seriously reccomend getting this as he is hilarious overall: his walk, animations, questline and his voice! However if you aren’t fussed then don’t waste the donuts on this.

Shall I let you into a spoiler?

SPOILER! There is a 150 donut Gil Deal coming tomorrow, July 20th, so gou might want to wait. The character is available until event end SPOILER END!

So there you have it tappers … The rundown of the hilarious villian! Did you get him? Do you like his voice? Do you agree with Fallout Boy and think that he is the “worst villian of them all”? Tell us below and stay super skyfingers …


6 thoughts on “Item Overview: The Scout Master

  1. name required 07/19/2016 — 17:53

    I am a freemium player and I really want radioactive man. I don’t care for the other buildings (I find Bartman kinda cool, but not enough to spend donuts). I have 340 donuts right now, should I spend donuts on the combo?


    1. Really tough decision! Really up to you but if I was in this decision then I would wait until the Gil Deal tomorrow see if that takes your fancy as that is a better deal in my opinion due to the fact that you would be spending 230 donuts for a character and a skin (plus buildings that you don’t care about).

      Wait until the latest of tomorrow and really think. The combo will be available all event so don’t make a bad decision due to rushing.

      Are you sure you don’t want the buildings? How much do you love Radioactive Man? Would you seriously regret not getting him? These are the questions you really need to think about before your purchase.

      I really didn’t like the look of Kane Manor but it looks awesome with the Beach House surrounded by water and a bridge between them!

      Any more questions then please ask and I, or other TopiX crew, with definitely try and help. HT out …


  2. TheRealTiminator 07/19/2016 — 16:08

    I totally agree with your assessment HT, as a dedicated freemium player the Wind Lad/Citizen Solar bundle was far more attractive & also features some amusing animated tasks.
    When your donuts are hard-earned you tend to be a bit more selective with purchases & WL/CS was the only item from this event that tempted me (although I did have lots of stuff already from Superheroes Pt1).
    I’m intrigued now to see what tomorrow’s Gil deal will be though as my donut total has just crept back up to 200……..


    1. If you have a gazillion of game cash, like I did, put five donuts in the XP collider and buy/sell Bloodmobiles or Rattrap Delivery Trucks to score hundreds or thousands of bonuts by leveling to level 939 (and bonut level)
      I got 2,100 bonuts out of this. I ‘ve seen post of people having earned 5,000 bonuts 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
      It isn’t cheating, it is hours of hard tapping.


      1. TheRealTiminator 07/20/2016 — 13:22

        Thanks Rudolph, I have used that tactic in the past (before they released levels 61-939). I only built up $55 million so far, I was going to wait till I got back up to $100 Million before doing it again.
        And I totally agree it’s not cheating, it’s an honest reward for your honest hard work.


  3. tiffany7291 07/19/2016 — 14:42

    Yea…I can’t seem to place him at all & haven’t gotten him. Have extra donuts,,, but I’m not feeling like I need any of their premium offerings this go around.


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