Superheroes 2: Boss Fight starts now

The final phase of the event starts now, the final pages turns, as the Boss Fight starts now!


4 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: Boss Fight starts now

  1. Does the soilant red factory stay destroyed? No pinchy skin? I finished dr crabs quests and there doesnt seem to be anything else, but the soilant red factory is just a big smoking hole…?


  2. I didn’t see any animation for the villains in the boss fight but I do see animation for the heroes attacking Pinchy. It’s massive!
    Personally I look forward to the end just so I can freely use all the new animations without having to send someone on tasks.


  3. a) don’t forget you can send the normally uninvolved heroes (e.g.: Radioactive Man, the Collider and Dr. Colossus) to this, whereas you couldn’t send them to Burns’ Summer Mansion.
    b) when one team (heroes/villains) is fighting Pinchy, you can still send the “other” team (villains/heroes) via each character’s task list.
    So, keep everyone busy to earn the most Crab Juice cans and close the gap on that last prize.


    • I already knew this but thanks for letting everyone else know + its a good boost getting 4000 cans each time you defeat pinchy btw pinchy looks badass don’t you think?


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