Superheroes 2: Issue 3 Premium Walkthrough Part 3

The Radioactive Man Movie Set is here, to reenact the Radioactive Man movie scene, and unlocking Sidekick Milhouse for free too! Will Milhouse be brave enough? Find out right after the jump in the Premium walkthrough for the set!

On July 20th, the Radioactive Man Movie Set is released via Gil Deal, with Gil appearing with the indicator_filmsetpromoset icon, and a short questline unlocks, unlocking Sidekick Milhouse too if you don’t have him!

Radioactive Man Movie Set Gil Offer

Auto starts

Gil: Hey you, do you remember the epic acid scene from the Radioactive Man movie, starring Rainier Wolfcastle?
Gil: C’mon, you know the one… Fallout Boy’s missing and Radioactive Man gets swept up in a wave of acid?
Gil: Good Ol’ Gil’s got some good ol’ news for you! The production company is going to re-shoot the scene for the director’s cut-a-rooni!
Gil: And for a very small cost, you’ll get to direct the scene yourself!
Gil: I’m sure Fallout Boy will show up this time… bad things never happen twice in Springfield… except for Ol’ Gil.
Gil: Even if they do, you’ll get to see Rainier Wolfcastle suffer from acid injuries again and again!
Gil: Don’t worry about him, he’s got a super-duper health insurance plan.
Gil: And me… I rely on two boxes of Band-Aids and a carton of cough syrup.
Gil: What’s that? You don’t have Milhouse’s Fallout Boy costume? Ol’ Gil will fix ya right up!

RMMS One PanelRMMS Gil Deal

Offer accepted:
Gil: Hot diggety-dog-diggety-doo! You’re not gonna regret it. I’ll even throw in some “acid resistant” goggles…

Offer declined:
Gil: Well, suit yourself. We’re not all cut out to be film directors.

Acid Here Waiting For You

Wolfcastle starts

Wolfcastle: Ok, so the production company vants to re-shoot the acid scene.
Wolfcastle: This time, you von’t disappear, vill you?
Milhouse: Um… uh… no, you can count on me, I think…
Wolfcastle: My perfect butt vas so burned they had to use a stunt butt stand-in to finish the scene.
Wolfcastle: It burns me more knowing it’s not my butt on the big screen.
Milhouse: I completely understand… although not really.

Quest reward: Sidekick Milhouse
Task: Make Rainier Wolfcastle Re-Shoot the Acid Scene
Time: 6s
Location: Radioactive Man Movie Set
Task: Make Milhouse Disappear Again
Time: 8h
Location: Bart’s Treehouse or Brown House

On 1st job started:
Wolfcastle: Only Fallout Boy can save me now…
Wolfcastle: …
Wolfcastle: Oh, Mist, not again!

On jobs end:
Wolfcastle: Argh, Milhouse… you messed up again!
Milhouse: It’s too much pressure! I’m not a real hero, I’m just a kid.
Wolfcastle: Don’t beat yourself up. Let villains do that for you.
System Message: Need a better place for Milhouse to sulk? Get his trailer in the store now!

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping.


1 thought on “Superheroes 2: Issue 3 Premium Walkthrough Part 3

  1. Honestly this is garbage. I’ve been tapping every day regularly. Criminals and at least 3 fights. Unlocked one minute wonders and lvl 17 burns mansion and only 68k cans. Not going unlock last character. Not impressed. Think I’m done tapping


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