Superheroes 2: The event is ending soon!

The event is ending soon! In 24 hours items can disappear from the shop and prizes could only be gotten with donuts! Hurry up, the clock is ticking!


15 thoughts on “Superheroes 2: The event is ending soon!

  1. Yes I found this one annoying, Didn’t get anything worthwhile imo, and this one is running over time , the last one I wanted to buy more rocks to put around the western town, and it ended early 😦


  2. Did anyone find this episode very annoying? I can’t wait until next update makes this crap disappear!


  3. The event was supposed to end in 5 hours, so I spent donuts on Mr Crab. this morning the event is still going. ..very annoying


  4. EA should make a timer that actually means something! Most people are so ready and anxious to move on from this event.


  5. Does anyone know roughly when the take down message might appear. I’m short for Dr crab and currently will cost me 55 donuts to buy but I’m thinking wud it be better to wait another 4hrs for the currency tasks to finish and try to earn more currency before buying for donuts


  6. 22k short of Dr crab and been playing several times a day and at least 3 fights at home/day and have One hit wonders.

    What a joke!


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