Superheroes 2 Takedown / Dilapidated Rail Yard update is live with a new teaser!

The takedown update is live now on iOs and Android (though this description is not present in the PlayStore) and a new teaser has been released on the app store description:
The tide of evil has receded and our heroes and villains can finally hang up cape, cowl, and spandex undies. With life returning to normal, what’s next for your town? A random set of summer sports? An invasion by doppelgangers from another dimension? The arrival of a brand-new outlet mall? Only Time will tell! Sorry, I meant Tim, the guy we pay to write this stuff.
New characters, new buildings and new stories are coming soon, so stay tuned!
On Amazon Store instead of the summer sports it mentions: A visit from some D-list celebrities?
What awaits us? The return of Tap Ball? Olympics event? An event based on the episode “The Others” from Treehouse of Horror XXV? Or is the latter a teaser for what we’ll see in the next Treehouse of Horror event on October? What about the Kindle one? Springfield Heights Chapter 3? Find out soon as we progress in exploring this new update!


10 thoughts on “Superheroes 2 Takedown / Dilapidated Rail Yard update is live with a new teaser!

  1. Can any ne tell me if there are having a problem loading Simpsons on there android and if so why. I can’t even get the store to open , did a reset, and lost everything on the android??? It’s running the new system why is Simpsons gone from the store, and any clue how to get it back.?


  2. It appears that I received the Felon Pack 1 for free. I’m not missing any donuts, they aren’t in my store and curtly they are fighting at Orphan Alley. Is this a glitch or did everyone get a felon pack?


    1. if you’ve One Week Wonder Films pack 1 is free 😉


  3. Can you see if the free donuts are coming back? I’m really happy about the monorail tunnel but I don’t think I need more than two…


  4. So that’s an Olympics event then (and maybe Halloween and Christmas plots?).

    I was really hoping for something to tie into the US elections, cos there are so many cool things they could’ve done, but I can equally see why they wouldn’t.


  5. herroyaldykeness 07/26/2016 — 16:54

    How long before the forced update do you reckon???


      1. herroyaldykeness 07/26/2016 — 19:42

        Ok thnx I’m just debating whether to spend 25 donuts on krab or wait until the my fighters spawn in an hr


        1. just wait a bit more and the price will lower if you do more fights.


  6. Monorail is back!!! EA has answered my prayers 🙂


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