Dilapidated Rail Yard and Superheroes 2 Takedown: Walkthrough

The takedown for Superheroes 2 brought us the return, and permanent stay, of the Monorail. What happens when the people of Springfield unites to collect the trash? Find out right after the jump for the walkthrough on the Dilapidated Rail Yard and Superheroes 2 Takedown!

If you didn’t partecipate in the Monorail event, after reaching Level 20, the quest to get it starts. It’s the same as last year’s till part 6 where it changes with the new Dilapidated Rail Yard.

A Rail of One City Pt. 1

Auto starts

Homer: This town is filthy! We built all these dumpsters and garbage cans, but no way to empty them.
Apu: I used to lure in customer with the smell of hot dogs.
Apu: But the stench of week-old decaying meat… it just can’t compete with the smell of all this trash.
Cletus: I used to be able to find my house on account of all the trash piled up in front of it. But now that’s every house.
Cletus: I got no idea which one is mine. I’ve been wandering around on the streets for weeks.
Homer: We all have, Cletus.
Lisa: We need to build the town dump.
Homer: Good idea, sweetie. Is there room right next to Flander’s house?

Springfield Dump
Task: Build Springfield Dump

A Rail of One City Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: Okay, we’ve got a place to put our trash. Now we just have to get it there.
Lisa: What about a garbage truck?
Homer: No. Even if we built one it wouldn’t move. What we need are garbage men.
Quimby: According to the government roster that’s, er-ah, you.
Homer: Me?
Quimby: Yes, you’re the town’s Sanitation Commissioner.
Homer: I vaguely remember being that but didn’t I lose that job, or give it back or something in the end?
Quimby: No, it ended with you destroying the whole town and us having to rebuild it.
Homer: That DOES sound familiar.

Task: Make Homer Pick Up Trash
Time: 30s

A Rail of One City Pt. 3

Lyle Lanley starts

Lyle Lanley: Excuse me, good people! But have you ever thought about building a monorail in this town?
Lisa: We have and we did. You sold it to us and it bankrupted our town.
Lyle Lanley: Really? Well then, where is it?
Lisa: Nowhere now. The town got destroyed and we had to rebuild it.
Homer: Twice now apparently!
Lyle Lanley: Well maybe I can convince you to buy another, with an elaborate song and dance!
Homer: Woo-hoo!
Quimby: Not so fast, Sanitation Commissioner. That dump still needs stuff dumped in it.
Homer: Woo-hoo.
Quimby: Everyone else, join us for the monorail musical! It looks like it might rain, though, so let’s do it inside.

Task: Make Lyle Lanley Put on a Musical Extravaganza
Task: Make Springfielders Join in the Musical Extravaganza [x3]3
Time: 30s
Location: Town Hall or Brown House
Task: Make Homer Pick Up Trash
Time: 30s

Lisa: That was amazing! The songs, the choreography, all those celebrity cameos…
Lenny: A hologram of Dr. Dre sang a duet with Dr. Dre!
Homer: I stabbed my foot with the pointy stick while picking trash.

A Rail of One City Pt. 4

Homer starts

Quimby: It’s decided. We’ll raise the money to build a monorail!
Homer: Great, I can help fundraise! I’m really good at getting people to part with their money. Just ask Sky Finger.
Quimby: I suppose you COULD join us. Or…

Task: Make Springfielders Raise Money for the Monorail [x3]
Time: 30s
Location: Town Hall or Brown House
Task: Make Homer Pick Up Trash
Time: 30s

Same as it Ever Was

Lyle Lanley starts

Lyle Lanley: Good work, people of Springfield! You’ve raised enough money to purchase the materials you need to build a monorail.
Lyle Lanley: And put it all in an envelope, which you’ve handed to me.
Lyle Lanley: Now for one last performance!
Lenny: He disappeared!
Carl: Aw, and I was really excited for him to be a permanent part of our town.
Gil: So when Ol’ Gil shows up trying to sell you stuff, you can’t chase me out of town fast enough.
Gil: But this guy takes off with all your money and you wish he was permanent.
Gil: Ol’ Gil wants a permanent home! What about Ol’ Gil?
Homer: You want me to take care of this guy?
Quimby: No Homer, we’ve got it.

Task: Make Springfielders Run Gil Out of Town [x3]
Time: 30s
Location: Town Hall or Brown House
Task: Make Homer Pick Up Trash
Time: 30s

Unfortunatly Lyle disappears. We have yet to unlock him. Will we ever?

A Rail of One City Pt. 5

Homer starts

Homer: That’s it! This cool monorail story is going on, with people appearing and disappearing, and all I’m doing is picking up trash!
Homer: If I have to pick up one more rivet-
Lisa: Wait, did you say rivet? Those were on the list of supplies we needed to build the monorail.
Lisa: I bet if we collected enough junk around town, we could get all the supplies we needed for the monorail.
Homer: So you’re saying that picking up trash is now important to the story?
Quimby: Yes, and you’re the Sanitation Commissioner. Is there anything we can do in exchange for your help?
Homer: Yes. Make me the monorail conductor.
Homer: I’m tired of being a glorified garbage man. I want to be a glorified bus driver!

Task: Make Homer Not Have To Pick Up Trash
Time: 30s
Location: Moe’s Tavern or Simpson House

A Rail of One City Pt. 6

Lisa starts

Lisa: Now that we’ve got the materials for the monorail, we just need someone to oversee its construction.
Homer: Don’t look at me. I’ve already got two jobs.
Professor Frink: Ahem-glaven… as the closest thing this town has to an engineer, I would be happy to–
Sebastian Cobb: Did someone call for an engineer?
Professor Frink: What? No! I’m the egghead around here. What kind of engineer even are you anyway?
Sebastian Cobb: A monorail construction engineer.
Professor Frink: *sigh* Hoyvin.
Sebastian Cobb: I can get your monorail operational. But first I’m going to need more finely-honed monorail parts.
Lisa: Um… so far we’ve just been collecting junk.
Sebastian Cobb: That should work too.

Task: Place the Dilapidated Rail Yard
Task: Trade in Blueprints Until You Unlock the Metal Depot [x20]
Metal Depot

Sebastian Cobb: This is a good start, but additional materials are needed in order to build a safe, reliable Monorail.
System Message: Hand in resources at the Dilapidated Rail Yard and help Sebastian Cobb build the Monorail!

Now you can earn the depots and the Monorail Station with the prizes of the Dilapidated Rail Yard, till eventually you repair it with the last prize and you can start earning tracks with it.

A Rail of One City Pt. 7

Lisa starts

Lisa: What’s next Mr. Cobb?
Sebastian Cobb: You can only build a monorail so far with trash and hunks of metals. We need some hunks of plastic as well.

Task: Recycle Junk at the Metal Depot [x50]
Task: Trade in Blueprints Until You Unlock the Plastic Depot [x1520]
Plastic Depot

A Rail of One City Pt. 8

Homer starts

Sebastian Cobb: This Monorail is going to need windows, and to build windows we must have a way to produce glass.
Sebastian Cobb: I believe you know what I’m getting at.

Task: Recycle Junk at the Plastic Depot [x50]
Task: Trade in Blueprints Until You Unlock the Glass Depot [x5000]
Glass Depot

A Rail of One City Pt. 9

Homer starts

Sebastian Cobb: We now have access to all the necessary materials. Please keep collecting so that I may build your Monorail Station.
Homer: Does this mean I’ll finally get to be a conductor?
Sebastian Cobb: I believe I said I would be building a safe, reliable Monorail.
Homer: Darn.

Task: Recycle Junk at the Glass Depot [x50]
Task: Trade in Blueprints Until You Unlock the Monorail Station [x12000]

System Message: Keep handing in projects to earn more prizes – including Sebastian Cobb and a fully-functional Rail Yard!

If you partecipated in the Monorail Event and unlocked the Rail Yard, or if you unlocked the Rail Yard afterwards, you can now get extra prizes from it, including Tunnels through the mountains to connect the Monorail in Springfield through the Heights.

Bring All the Junk to the Yard

Auto starts

Sebastian Cobb: Eureka! I have figured a way to extend the Monorail into the mountain range.
Homer: It’s about time!
Lisa: How did you manage to do it? I can’t wait to find out what marvellous technology you’ve devised!
Sebastian Cobb: Yes… about that…
Lisa: You’re just going to pile up garbage to make a ramp aren’t you?
System Message: Complete projects at the Rail Yard to earn tunnels to travel through the mountains!
System Message: Congratulations on establishing your Monorail. You’ve unlocked a skin for the Rail Yard and some extra Project Board materials!
Quest Reward: 2000 Junk, 200 Metal, 100 Plastic, 70 Glass

If you partecipated in the Monorail event but never unlocked the Rail Yard, not even when it was offered afterwards, a different dialogue pops up to continue the questline from the event.

Railing on

Auto starts

Lisa: So Dad, how’s your job as Sanitation Commissioner going?
Homer: Great! Except I have no idea what you’re talking about. Refresh my memory on what Sanitation Commissioner means?
Lisa: Head garbageman.
Homer: Oh, yeah. I was hoping we’d forgotten about that.
Sebastian Cobb: Like we forgot about the monorail? My Rail Yard is in shambles! Finish what you start, for God’s sake!
System Message: Dust off your rubber gloves, it’s time to go dumpster diving and build a Monorail!

Task: Place the Dilapidated Rail Yard
Task: Complete Projects at the Dilapidated Rail Yard

Sebastian Cobb: Excellent. With these materials I will be able to continue building the Monorail.
System Message: Keep handing in projects to earn more prizes – including Sebastian Cobb and a fully-functional Rail Yard!

If you partecipated in the Superheroes 2 event, built the Soilant Red Factory, but never unlocked the Dead Lobster, thus not finishing it, just like last year, a small questline with just text unlocks.

Another Alternate Ending

Auto starts

Pie Man: Wait… did Dr. Crab just run away?
Fallout Boy: Well… I guess, in the end, we were too much for him.
Comic Book Guy: Super villains are not supposed to just “leave”. What a lame sequel.
Comic Book Guy: Worst. Sequel. Ever.
Pie Man: Victory by forfeit is still a victory!
Fallout Boy: He’s gone and we can co back to our boring crime-free lives.
Narrator: Once again, good triumphs over… cowardly crustaceans. Thanks to… YOU!

If you login on July 26th, during the Felon Packs promotion, a quest introducing it appears.

They Felon Hard Times

Auto starts

Tungsten Dude: This is your fault! All that muscle and you didn’t stop the boss getting taken down.
Testost-Irene: That laser cannon didn’t help either. Maybe you’d like me to shove it where…
System Message: Looks like the Felons are at each other’s throats. Get them in the store today and witness civil war at the Orphan Alley.

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


16 thoughts on “Dilapidated Rail Yard and Superheroes 2 Takedown: Walkthrough

  1. herroyaldykeness 07/28/2016 — 16:43

    Hi I have had the force update happen now, but I don’t see anything about a tunnel? BTW I did the monorail event before but never unlocked the rail yard geezwe


    1. You need to be on lvl 20 for it to trigger


  2. Perfect, now that it’s a permanent addition to people’s games perhaps we will get more stations for our towns, we definitely need a Springfield heights station and Squidport station, a sin city station or old west station would have been nice for those updates, maybe we’ll get a haunted station for Halloween 😉


    1. I would love all those stations, but in order to get them, EA should give us also more land expansion! 😭


  3. It is SNEAFU all over again. If you haven’t finished the first Monorail Event., it isn’t possible to recycle trash at the plant. The task isn’t there, so no making rails 😦


    1. its fixed now with the ingame update


      1. I noticed that, but why is the game always in the state of SNEAFU after ending an event??????


        1. Cause they do tons of changes and something might slip mostly on returning stuff when new quest appears


    2. Buddieas, what is SNEAFU?


      1. its a term apparently invented by CrankyOldDude that means issues, problems, glitches, bugs, etc.


      2. TheRealTiminator 07/28/2016 — 14:23

        Here in the UK we have a SNAFU, which originated as military slang for: Situation Normal All F*#@ked Up. Don’t know what it might mean with an E in it.


      3. SNAFU is an acronym used by (US?) military servicemen: Situation Normal All F(oul)ed Up. So maybe this means Situation Normal EA F(oul)ed Up?


      4. The term was born during WWII as an acronym of the initials of the words Situation Normal, All F**ked Up, which summed up the chaos and confusion of the war from an individual soldier’s point of view. (Don’t know where the E comes from.)


      5. It’s a pun on SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fucked Up). I have replaced the A by EA 😉


  4. Is the tunnel able to be stored?


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