Monorail and Dilapidated Rail Yard: Depot Jobs

To collect stuff for the (Dilapidated) Rail Yard, you need to send characters to earn materials at the Depot. Each depot provides different ones but requires the Scrap from the Springfield Dump. Join us right after the jump for the list of jobs, rewards and costs!

To earn the Rail Yard, you’ll need to get the prizes on the Delapidated one by handing in projects.

Delapitated Rail Yard Guide

To hand in projects you need to use the Project Board, by tapping the icon on top right that included it in the Daily Challenges screen.

Delapitated Project Board

Once you earn the Rail Yard you can then produce monorail tracks straight from it every week.

Rail Yard Guide

You can earn depot as prizes at the Rail Yard.

Find Building

To simplify reading, we used tables created on wikisimpsons. Just click on them to view them fully.

Springfield Dump

Springfield Dump


Metal Depot

Metal Depot


Plastic Depot

Plastic Depot


Glass Depot



This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Monorail and Dilapidated Rail Yard: Depot Jobs

  1. We need a sale for Brandine as she’s the only limited time premium character who can collect recycling materials.


  2. Homers job isn’t working in my place to collect junk it not available


    1. did you complete all questlines?


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