Dilapidated Rail Yard: Rail Yard New Prizes

The Rail Yard Prizes have been changed to offer new stuff, like the Monorail Tunnel, or offer again the Monorail Stations for those that unlocked the Rail Yard after the event but didn’t get the stations. Join us right after the jump for the list of all Rail Yard new prizes!

Due to the nature of this new prize system, we opted out of doing the usual table to make it clearer.

Rail Yard Guide

Here are some basic information on the Rail Yard:

  • Permanent addition to the game together with the Depots.
  • You can accumulate the Blueprints all in one day.
  • The prizes resets every Tuesday.
  • There’s no limit on how many track pieces you can get.
  • If a prize is not awarded, go to Krustyland or Friend Towns screen, then go back to your town and it’ll be.
  • Donut prize won’t show a notification of unlocking.
  • Week 1 starts on the Tuesday of the week in which the user gets the Rail Yard unlocked.

To get the prizes you need to hand in projects at the Rail Yard by collecting Blueprints using the depots.

Rail Yard Project Board

The first four prizes are the same for all weeks.


The last one changes depending on which week you’re in, doesn’t matter when you started. The moment you unlock the Rail Yard, or start this new set of prices if you had it previously, the week count starts.


Prize 1



1 random Track piece between Straight Track Piece and Short Track Piece

Prize 2


Track Parts

2 random Track pieces between Straight Track Piece, Short Track Piece and Curved Track Piece

Prize 3



3 random Track pieces between Straight Track Piece, Short Track Piece, Curved Track Piece and S Curve Track

Prize 4



5 random Track pieces between Straight Track Piece, Short Track Piece and Curved Track Piece


Prize 5


Week 1 and 5


Monorail Tunnel

Week 2


Monorail Station not owned:

Monorail Station, 2 Station Awnings, 2 Station Extensions, 2 Station Stairs and 2 Station Platforms

Monorail Station owned:

sidebar_donut10 and 10 random Track pieces between Straight Track Piece, Short Track Piece, Curved Track Piece and S Curve Track

Week 3


Tetanus Terminal not owned:

Tetanus Terminal, 2 Terminal Awnings, 2 Terminal Extensions, 2 Terminal Stairs and 2 Terminal Platforms

Tetanus Terminal owned:

sidebar_donut20 and 20 random Track pieces between Straight Track Piece, Short Track Piece, Curved Track Piece and S Curve Track

Week 4


Mall-O-Rail Station not owned:

Mall-O-Rail Station, Mall-O-Rail Awnings, 2 Mall-O-Rail Extensions, 2 Mall-O-Rail Stairs and 2 Mall-O-Rail Platforms

Mall-O-Rail Station owned:

sidebar_donut20 and 20 random Track pieces between Straight Track Piece, Short Track Piece, Curved Track Piece and S Curve Track

Week 6+


sidebar_donut5 and 5 random Track pieces between Straight Track Piece, Short Track Piece, Curved Track Piece and S Curve Track

From Week 6 onwards the 5th prizes returns to be the one from before this update.

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


35 thoughts on “Dilapidated Rail Yard: Rail Yard New Prizes

  1. I performed all 11 dilapidated rail yard tasks. 11th prize was ‘full’ rail yard (skin). Nothing to apply to dilapidated yard to get full yard…it remains in dilapidated state…


    1. You shouldve gotten Sebastian Cobb too. Did yod you get him?


  2. HI,
    I’ve unlocked rail yard, but can’t find it in inventory… Performed synchro a lot (both through neibourhood and Krustylsnd) without result…

    Any suggestions?



    1. Youve got the dilapidated rail yard? The ‘real’ rail yard is a skin for that building, not a new building, so tap the rail yard and you can change the façade.


  3. samantha narduzzi 08/04/2016 — 04:06

    when you get the connector pieces (2-rail & 3-rail) where did they go? Can’t find in inventory and I didn’t place???


    1. they’re not connector pieces. they mean you get 2 pieces of them or 3 etc. as in 2 of that item.


  4. Tapatapatapa 08/02/2016 — 14:45

    My step 5 prize for week two says I’m getting 10 track pieces and 10 donuts, not 5 track pieces as stated above.
    I already have the monorail station.
    I hope it’s not 10 curved pieces lol!


    1. 😮 thanks corrected! read that wrong


  5. Hi, I got the renovated Rail Yard just TODAY and I’m super scared : how am I supposed to get the Tunnel in ONE DAY ?! That’s impossible for a freemium player and I’m wondering if I still can get the tunnel or if I will get only one because this week would’ve been counted as finished for me ?


    1. you’ll get the same prizes next week till you get it don’t worry


  6. Same old ea. Still forcing unwanted track items on us after we earn them. I have over 167 curved pieces i will never use. It would be good to convert them at the ajax mill or rail yard.


  7. I can’t find the Fruit Bat Signal anywhere. I thought they made that a permanent item in the store months ago.


  8. do the monorail tunnels need to be placed? I did not clear the tunnel in my b game & have no desire to work on another SH


    1. No. They do not require placement. My B has no SH yet, thoug on lvl 100. I cannot place it until I unlock SH land but it is not required to place it so Ill just keep it in the inventory.


  9. I know this has nothing to do with the post but I don’t know where else i should comment. Why can’t I unlock the land expansion to unlock the Marketing Agency in the Heights? Do I need to buy more expansions? Do I need more real state value? (I only have 13,5mi, I kinda rushed and was focusing on unlocking Lindsay Neagle)


    1. you need to complete the SH prizes before unlocking that


  10. Reatwater9726 07/30/2016 — 02:33

    If I have the stations but no station pieces is there any way to get the pieces


    1. yes through the actual rail yard. you get the pieces too


      1. Reatwater9726 07/30/2016 — 20:47

        Just to be clear I’m talking about the pieces of the station (awkning, stairs etc). Can those be earned by the rail yard even if we have the stations they come with


        1. you’ll earn both the station and the pieces


          1. Reatwater9726 08/01/2016 — 20:16

            What if I played the monorail update last fall and got the stations but no station pieces. Am I out of luck


            1. that’s really a good idea but i see that if you’ve the station, the pieces are not obtained :S


  11. I completed the monorail when it was first offered. Will I still get the new tunnel? Since I have all of the depots there isn’t anything for me to do and I have so much more than I need of rail tracks.


  12. Will there be another mountain to cross back from heights or just one to get in? My monorail travels in a big Lupe?


    1. it says right there. 2 Monorail Tunnel (week 1 and 5)


  13. Lil Lisa’s Factory is producing blueprints. I got all the first week’s prizes the day this started, and I’ve been collecting blueprints ever since. I can’t find any icon that shows your total blueprint tally. Will the blueprints we’ve accumulated (from the factory) from the time we completed one weekly prize set until the next prize set starts count toward the new week’s blueprint total? It seems odd the accruing total doesn’t show anywhere.


    1. it doesn’t show anywhere because it’d need to reset on obtaining the last week prize. we’ve no idea if it does sorry


  14. Mmmmmm…Donuts…[hunger sound]


  15. Do the Rail Yard prizes come back in a cycle after week 5 ? Like the daily tasks ? Or are the tunnels never gonna appear again after week 5 ends ? That’s what confuses me the most because I REALLY want the Tunnel…


    1. It’d be kind of unfair if I couldn’t be able to get my monorail to go to Springfield Heights :/


    2. just 2. but the weeks starts when you get the rail yard not THIS specific week. You’ll get two anyway

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay so, correct me if I’m wrong :
        _Week 1 ends with a tunnel
        _Week 2
        _Week 3
        _Week 4
        _Week 5 ends with a tunnel
        _Week 6
        _Week 7/Week 1 ends with normal prizes.
        And this no matter when we get the renovated Rail Yard?


        1. week 6 onward its the same prize from week 6 (the previous ones that were active before this update) basicly


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