Game not playable on devices with Operating System inferior to iOs 7 and Android 3 from August 16th

A new predicament has risen in the latest store update, a stopping point for some players, that needs to unfortunatly upgrade their phone soon. Join us right after the jump for all the info you’ll need to know.

A new message appeared on the latest store update to hopefully just a minority of the players of the game.

The message is what is seen below, courtesy of Alissa at TSTOAddicts:

TSTO Firmware Warning

What does this mean then?

On August 16th, presumably the release of a future store update, the game won’t be compatible with phones that don’t have iOs 7.0 or superior, or Android 3.0 or superior.

EA is probably addressing issues with slow downs and possibly land space, with more and more people asking for more and more stability and land. And also the item limit active in the game.

It is possible (nothing confirmed) that this restriction to the availability (and playability) of the game is a way to counter that: stop players with really old phones from playing so the game can be optimized more.

It’s a problem hopefully just a few people will encounter, with iOs 7.0 and Android 3.0 being quite old.

To check the version of your operating system:

Android: Settings > (General >) About phone > Android Version

iOs: Settings > General > About > Version

If your number is above or equal to 7.0 for iOs or 3.0 for Android you’re ok.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve any questions, we’ll try to answer them to our knowledge.

Thanks for reading and join us next time for more info on the Dilapidated Rail Yard update, happy tapping.


9 thoughts on “Game not playable on devices with Operating System inferior to iOs 7 and Android 3 from August 16th

  1. I don’t know much about coding but is it possible that they could make this game file smaller? It’s now over a gig and shouldn’t it be possible to make the coding smaller and more efficient, thus making the file size smaller?


    1. doubt it. the size of all buildings pictures, all animations, etc. is what it is unfortunatly


  2. It’s for the better, at least on Android.. I remember back in Tapped Out’s early days I used to play it via Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) it behaved at first but later on as my town started to grow and I placed more decorations it started to become unstable & crash a lot. Plus the phone only had 512MB RAM.. Can’t imagine there’s many 2.x Gingerbread users still out there today trying to play this game.


  3. Conor heffernan 07/29/2016 — 16:44

    Do u think they could maybe increase the tiem limit along with this ???


  4. I have an old ipad that I never upgraded to ios7 because I’ve never had any issues with ios6. Now that I have to upgrade, my only available ios is 9.2.1. I’m not sure i have enough space even if I delete some items I really don’t want to because I still use them. But if I do make space, will my current progress in the game (TSTO) be affected? Forgive me if this sounds like a crazy question, but I know absolutely nothing about technology except to turn on and play my games. I hope you can help me.


    1. Nah progress is preserved on server (if you re logged in on origin)


    2. I believe iOS 9 is actually a smaller file size than ios7 was. I remember Apple making a big deal about it when it came out


      1. You are correct. I could not fit 7 on my old iPad without deleting half my apps but 9 was a lot smaller.


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