How do the Monorail and Dilapidated Rail Yard Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

With every new content update the game receives, each new item arrive with its own bonus reward or contribution to the Conform-O-Meter but also many times EA makes changes to existing or previously released content as well. To find out what the Dilapidated Rail Yard and Superheroes 2 Takedown and their content have brought to the table keep reading after the jump.

This post includes the items from Monorail not returning in this update.

BUILDING OR ITEM rating points
Straight Track Piece
Short Track Piece
Curved Track Piece
S Curve Piece
Obedience 1
Springfield Dump
Monorail Station
Rail Yard
Project Board
Obedience 10
Garbage Pile
Station Awning
Station Extension
Station Stairs
Station Platform
Obedience 5
Mechanical Ant Alpha
Mechanical Ant Beta
Mechanical Ant Gamma
Mechanical Ant Delta
Bonus $ and XP
Garbage Truck Obedience
Bonus $ and XP
Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center Tree-Hugging 400
Metal Depot
Plastic Depot
Glass Depot
Tree-Hugging 10
Recycling Bin Tree-Hugging 5
Krusty’s Drive-Thru Station Gluttony 10
Drive-Thru Awning
Drive-Thru Extension
Drive-Thru Stairs
Drive-Thru Platform
Bonus $ and XP
Mall-O-Rail Station
Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant
Monorail Cafe
Mapple Store
Consumerism 10
Mall-O-Rail Awning
Mall-O-Rail Extension
Mall-O-Rail Stairs
Mall-O-Rail Platform
Consumerism 5
Tetanus Terminal
Self-Reliant House
Indolence 10
Terminal Awning
Terminal Extension
Terminal Stairs
Terminal Platform
Indolence 5
Spruce Caboose Vanity 600
Recycled Tower Vanity 150
Recycled Wall Vanity 10
Golf Course Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Monorail Tunnel NONE NONE

Join us next time for any news on this update, happy tapping!


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