Dilapidated Rail Yard Premium Walkthrough: The Grass is Always Greener and Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant

Jesse Grass, the ecologist friend of Lisa, has joined us during the Monorail, and permanently a few months after. Let’s refresh our memories, together with Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant right after the jump!

Though part of the World’s Largest Redwood and now permanent, he was first available in the Monorail event, so let’s take a look at Jesse Grass’ questline!

Jesse Grass Unlock
The Grass is Always Greener Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Lisa: Ooh, Jesse Grass! It’s so nice to have a fellow vegetarian in town. Care for some kale?
Akira: To me those words sound the same.
Jesse Grass: Actually I came to Springfield to protest Krustyburger.
Jesse Grass: Rumor is that they murder innocent cows and serve them in their burgers. People need to know.
Lisa: Well, yeah. That’s how hamburgers are made. People probably already know that, but…
Lisa: *sigh* I’m sorry, I got lost in your eyes.

Task: Reach Level 7 and Build the Krusty Burge
Task: Make Jesse Grass Protest Eating Animals
Time: 1h
Location: Krusty Burger

The Grass is Always Greener Pt. 2

Jesse Grass starts

Jesse Grass: Well, my protest worked. Almost no one went inside Krustyburger.
Jesse Grass: They just stayed outside with me, staring longingly at my eyes.
Lisa: *sigh* It sure is.
Jesse Grass: But then I learned that it’s not just animals that Krustyburger is murdering.
Jesse Grass: They ALSO put lettuce and tomato on their burgers.
Lisa: Are you not familiar with what a hamburger is?
Jesse Grass: Plants have feelings too. We have to save the plants!

Task: Make Jesse Grass Protest Eating Plants
Time: 1h
Location: Krusty Burger

The Grass is Always Greener Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Lisa: I’m sorry, Jesse, but why are you protesting the eating of plants. I thought you were a vegetarian…
Jesse Grass: Not just a vegetarian — a level 5 Vegan. Didn’t you see my unlock message?
Jesse Grass: And I’m on my way to Level 6. I won’t eat anything that was ever alive.
Lisa: Wow, you’re so idealistic and caring and brave and…
Lisa: Wait, doesn’t that describe all food?
Jesse Grass: I don’t know. I never touch the stuff.

Task: Make Jesse Grass Protest Eating Food
Time: 1h
Location: Krusty Burger

The Grass is Always Greener Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Lisa: These protests are making less and less sense, Jesse.
Lisa: How exactly is sleeping in the Krustyburger ball pit going to change people’s eating habits?
Jesse Grass: I don’t know. I was supposed to be marching in front of their door. I just got so tired.
Lisa: I think maybe you need to eat something.
Jesse Grass: I had a bite of air earlier. But I spit it out because I was worried it would kill some airborne bacteria.
Lisa: Yeah, I think we need to go back to Krustyburger one last time.

Task: Make Lisa Force Jesse to Eat a Burger
Time: 30s
Location: Krusty Burger
Requires: Jesse Grass

Jesse Grass: Oh my God! That burger tasted so good! And it gave me all this energy! Who knew eating could do that?
Jesse Grass: The only problem is… now I’m a fraud.
Jesse Grass: Because of that burger, I’m responsible for the death of plants and animals and whatever cheese comes from.
Lisa: I know, but you have to eat some food.
Krusty: Not at Krustyburger, you don’t! My burgers contains no meat, and no vegetables. There’s nothing in them that qualifies as food.
Jesse Grass: Perfect! *eating noise*
Krusty: Man, that boy has dreamy eyes…

After unlocking Monorail Station and starting A Rail of One City Pt. 6 or Bring All the Junk to the Yard, a small quest with just text starts to promote Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant.

Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant

Auto starts

Mr. Snrub: Hello! It’s me, Mr. Snrub.
Lisa: A fake moustache can’t hide the evil behind it. We all know it’s you, Mr. Burns.
Homer: Shhh. Let Snrub talk!
Mr. Snrub: All this talk of recycling reminded me that a local businessman has a recycling facility for sale. What luck for you!
Lisa: Are you referring to the plant that you used to harvest sea life and turn it into slurry?
Mr. Snrub: No, I’m referring to the plant that MR. BURNS used to harvest sea life and turn it into slurry. Isn’t that right, SREHTIMS?
System Message: Get Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant for your shoreline! It turns fish into Monorail rewards. It’s probably best not to ask how.

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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