Dilapidated Rail Yard Prize Walkthrough: Social Engineering

He’s the guy beyond one of the methods to get free donuts in the game since the Monorail event and now he’s back to gather even more projects. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of Sebastian Cobb’s questline!

After unlocking the Rail Yard, Sebastian Cobb resides in it and is ready to take on your projects and more!

Rail YardSebastian Cobb

Social Engineering Pt. 1

Sebastian Cobb starts

Sebastian Cobb: I’m starting to like this town. Perhaps I will stay here.
Professor Frink: As the principle of mass dilation said to the matter accelerating near the speed of light, not so fast!
Professor Frink: I’m the scientist in this town. I even have a crazy house that’s never been in the show to prove it!
Sebastian Cobb: I’d have thought you relished the idea of another intellect in town. We could work on papers together.
Professor Frink: Nice try, Cobb. But I don’t publish with people whose names come before mine alphabetically.
Sebastian Cobb: But you can’t make me leave — I’ve already been paid for.
Professor Frink: You made the wrong mad scientist mad!

Task: Make Sebastian Cobb and Frink Have a Science Off
Time: 1h

If the user has Professor Frink: Location: Frink’s Lab
Requires: Professor Frink

If the user doesn’t have Professor Frink: Location: Rail Yard

Social Engineering Pt. 2

Sebastian Cobb starts

Sebastian Cobb: How did that man beat me in science? Half the things he was saying didn’t even make sense.
Professor Frink: Science isn’t about making sense — look at quantum mechanics! If you want a role in this town, you’re going to need a new angle.
Sebastian Cobb: Hmm. Well, I HAVE always been a bit of a doom-and-gloom pessimist. Does this town need a nay-sayer?
Comic Book Guy: I should say not.
Sebastian Cobb: You think you’ve got a more negative attitude than me? You clearly love food, while I love nothing.
Comic Book Guy: Wrong! I am heavyset not because I love food, but because I hate myself.
Comic Book Guy: When I’m done with you, those glasses you’re wearing will be rose-colored!

Task: Make Sebastian Cobb and Comic Book Guy Have a Negative Off
Time: 1h

If the user has Comic Book Guy: Requires: Comic Book Guy
Location: Android’s Dungeon

If the user doesn’t have Comic Book Guy: Location: Rail Yard

Social Engineering Pt. 3

Sebastian Cobb starts

Sebastian Cobb: Defeated again. That man is as bitter as denatonium.
Comic Book Guy: Worst. Joke. Ever.
Sebastian Cobb: I need a niche… but what?
Moe: What?
Sebastian Cobb: Yes, what.
Moe: I’m sorry, but when you say “what” it sounds like “vhat”… even though it ain’t written that way.
Sebastian Cobb: Yes, that is because of my German accent.
Sebastian Cobb: Hey, maybe that can be my thing!
Wolfcastle: Zat seems unlikely.
Uter: There are already TWO of us.

Task: Make Sebastian Cobb and Wolfcastle AND Uter Have a German Off
Time: 1h
Location: Rail Yard

If the user has Wolfcastle: Requires: Wolfcastle
Location: Wolfcastle’s Mansion

If the user has Uter: Requires: UTer
Location: Rail Yard

If the user has Wolfcastle and Uter: Requires: Wolfcastle, Uter
Location: Wolfcastle’s Mansion

Social Engineering Pt. 4

Sebastian Cobb starts

Sebastian Cobb: It’s useless. I have nothing to contribute to this world. I may as well not even exist.
Moe: Nice try there, Colonel Clink. But utter hopelessness is MY thing!
Moe: You don’t want to have a lack of self-esteem with me. I’ve got noose bruises in places you can’t imagine.
Sebastian Cobb: *sigh* I must be the most unoriginal character in Springfield.
Moe: Well, at least that’s something.
Sebastian Cobb: You’re right! That’s my defining characteristic. Being non-unique is what makes me unique!
Moe: There you go. Everyone’s happy!

Task: Make Sebastian Cobb Celebrate His Unoriginality
Time: 1h
Location: Rail Yard

If the user has Moe:
Task: Make Moe Wallow in Depression
Time: 1h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


7 thoughts on “Dilapidated Rail Yard Prize Walkthrough: Social Engineering

  1. My content was wiped out yesterday was level 102 now level 1 when I woke up and kept on getting donut scratch offs and wouldn’t let me play till I scratched off 2000 donuts and now level 9 but missing all my characters and superheroes babies and SFH IS GONE


    1. Contact support, link above.
      Report it as technical issue or missing content, do not call it a bug or a glitch


  2. Does any of this work if you have everything from the time this came around? Other than the new tunnel…


  3. How do you get the other monorail stations I only got the first one last week when can I get the others


    1. one per week in the completed rail yard.


  4. captaincritical 08/02/2016 — 12:29

    How long will the felon packs be in store for please


    1. till august 26th if i remember right


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